Thursday, May 07, 2009

Living My Dream

On my way to Kansas City last
week, I came up behind a rather
large camper lumbering down
the road.

I wish, I had had my camera
handy, so that I could have
taken a picture of the painted
logo that decorated the back
of this vehicle. The words
written across the spare tire
cover said "Living Our Dream".

This poignant message
made me smile, and I
immediately started
wondering just how many
people in this world can say
they are living their dream.

I spent a long weekend in
Hampton, Virginia teaching
at the Art and Soul Retreat.

Seeing happy student faces,
and the INCREDIBLE art they
made are the perfect reminders
to me, that I too am...
"living my dream".

Check out all the other
wonderful works of art
created... here.


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I'm going to try to check our Art and Soul next year. I love the camper thing- boy, life is just too short to compromise.

Tina Cully said...

Love that motto "Living our Dream".
Someday I will hang a sign on the back of the moving truck going to Seattle that says the same thing! :)
Glad to see that your classes went well. Your students always produce such great artwork- I think their teacher is a big part of that!!

paperbird said...

I feel so blessed that I am living my dream.

The student work is lovely- I will be one of those students soon and I am sooo looking forward to it.