Thursday, June 18, 2009

Over Yonder

"Over Yonder"... such a quaint title for
the cabin where I taught during
the Squam Art Workshops Retreat.

This place, this haven will be forever a
part of me, the memories of light-filled
rooms with every window facing the lake.
Where the imagination could dance and
shimmer, and cast rainbows across the water.

These two words, "Over Yonder"...
now warms the deepest recesses of my
heart with a burning glow of remembered
love, laughter, smiles, friendship, art-making,
and beauty. Students eager to learn and express
themselves in the creating of poetic Prayer Flags
that possessed collaged and painted images and
words uttered from their souls.

Oh, how I wish, I could bottle the radiant glow
from these moments, my incredible students,
these days.

I invite you to see more Inspirational
Prayer Flag Banner artworks, here.

I had never, ever visited the fine state of
New Hampshire before this trip, but I
will tell you that I am counting the days,
the hours, the minutes until I return to this
piece of heaven that is S.A.W.

All my worries simply melted away the moment
I arrived and stepped into the registration cabin,
greeted by Elizabeth MacCrellish, the coordinator

She gave me the biggest hug, wearing the brightest
smile on her face. And from there... WELL..
the moments ONLY GOT BETTER!


cathy said...

Love your beautiful blog and works - fyi - posted about your blog on my blog (actually doing it right now)

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Sure hope to see you "Over Yonder" again some time. The whole weekend was wonderful, wasn't it? I need to finish my prayer flags. When I do, I'll let you know. Thanks for being such a good teacher and even better roommate. ~Kathy

Dunedin Jobs said...

You are such an artist!