Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Finding Heaven

Journal Entry, Wednesday, June 3rd:

"I Arrive.

Enveloped by a quiet and stillness
that is vastly different than the everyday.

Settling in, I rest in a worn green rocker,
nestled among other sun-faded furniture
on the large screened porch which
spills out over the water's edge.

Waves lap against the side boards, speaking to
me in reverent voices and hushed whispers.

Birds sing a chorus of joyful refrains,
the forest is alive!

Squirrels and chipmunks scamper about,
bats fly...
the lady slippers come to greet me,
invited by the prickle berries,
leaves rustle sounding like rain,
as wind swept breezes caress
sparkling pools of summer dreams.

Hear the haunting calls of a faraway loon
that gently rock me to sleep.

I find heaven, or a bit of eden lost
here, in the moments on Squam Lake."

I have Much, MUCH more to share with you about
my Squam Art Workshop experience,
so while I am pulling together
my 100+ photos, check out this...
INCREDIBLE Video by Marlene White


Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

The peace of the porch, watching the light leave the sky, and the bats come up to swarm and dance over the water, those feelings and images will take a long time to leave me. I'll always be thankful for those quiet moments. I look forward to reading more of your reflections on Squam. ~Kathy

Holly Loves Art said...

Beautiful! A gorgeous image and gorgeous poem. Happy days....


Tina Cully said...

So glad that your time at Squam was so memorable! Loved your poem and loved seeing you in the video :)

paperbird said...

What a gorgeous photo, it looks so beautiful and the poem- so lovely.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

just got my Somerset Studio- congrats on your layout and article! woo hoo.

Philippine Real Estate said...

Heaven is being and sharing your life to someone whom you love and care about.. I just wish we could acknowledge and see the beauty of life within us!

temp jobs said...

Thanks for the lovely photos :-)