Friday, July 31, 2009

Pocket-Size Gladness

These days my studio is quite the
jumble, as I prepare to be away
for almost the entire month of

Although it is hard to make sense
of anything with piles and stacks
that must be either packed or put
away, this morning I was reminded
that each moment, even when one is
trying to sort through the clutter of
life, can make us glad and that
inspirations come in all sizes.

It doesn't have to be big and bold to
move me. Sometimes the subtle
messages are the most powerful.
I have always been a fan of small
intimate works of art. Pieces that
can be held in the palm of my hand,
that draw me in for a much closer look.
These little artworks are a PERFECT
pick me up.

I simply ADORE such tiny affirmations.
They can bring a smile to my face, when
I catch a glimpse of them.
And as I carefully gather them up to
take with me, I feel a warm glow inside,
happy that I will have the chance to
share these pocket-size inspirations
with my students at Art Unraveled.

I thought I would share a
verse from one of my poems,
I have tucked into one of
these tiny treasures.

"how could We know
How could we have ever
understood the true depth
Of this life, this joy...
And how will I ever repay
you For inspiring me"


Visual-Voice said...

these are so wonderful! i love them.

Catharina Maria said...

You have made wonderful art !
I love the birds !
Love from the Netherlands , RINI