Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Beloved Britain

Since last December, I have been pinching
myself, over thoughts that I would be
traveling to England in August.

My adoration and enchantment with this
country started when I was an adolescent.
Not only do I have ancestry originating
from both England and Wales, I was
completely swept away by the romance
and pageantry of the Royals, who seemed
to embody a sort of elegance, poise, and
grace, I longed for as an awkward teen.

And of course, who could resist the idea of
owning a castle and having a British accent?

Although this is not my first trip to Britain,
I travel under much different circumstances.
My last experience was good, but almost a
blur with the near frantic pace I was living.
A pace that left me with few, if any real
memories of my inaugural visit.

This time, however, I can hardly wait to savor
four glorious days in London, where I plan to
stroll Portabello Road Market, and shop at stores
like the Paperchase, Habitat, and Selvedge Dry Goods.

OH, and even take a jaunt by Buckingham Palace
to see the Queen... do think she might ask me to
tea?... probably not...nevertheless, I won't let that
get my spirits down!

After my days in London, I will be off to the English
countryside with it's pocket gardens, lush grasses,
and rolling hills, traveling by train to Birmingham
where I will teach at the Festival of Quilts. I might
even get to meet the very famous, Amy Butler, as
she is also teaching there.

I hope to be using Facebook to share my
adventures when I can find an internet connection,
so be sure to check it out and follow along.

And even though I will
be away, I am still
taking Pre-Orders for
Nature Inspired.

Details on how to purchase
a copy are located in the
right side margin of this
post. Each book will be
autographed and comes
with a Limited Edition print.

Also, as an additional Thank You for pre-ordering,
you will be eligible to win 1 of 2 original artworks
shown in my current article in Somerset Studio.
So don't wait to be including in this FABULOUS
give-away. Winners will be chosen on the book
release date of September 1st.


Maija said...

Have so much fun TRacie!! What an exciting adventure you are embarking on!

paperbird said...

Tracie have an amazing time, it sounds like it will be a wonderful trip. To my surprise I found your book at Barnes and Nobles this weekend. Since I have ordered one from you I purchased one as a gift for a friend. It is a lovely book I can't wait to get mine.

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Green with envy, that's me! I cried when I visited Kensington and was overwelmed with excitement when I saw the flag flying over Buckingham Palace, knowing the "queen was at home". Have a wonderful, wonderful time, dear Tracie. I'll keep watch via Facebook, drinking tea and saying "brilliant". I hope all of your British dreams come true! ~Kathy

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

have fun, wish I was there (my parents are there now too).


Hope you really enjoyed your visit to England. I'm from England, from St. Ives in Cornwall. Do you know it? I am glad to have found your blog and I love your nature work so much

Best wishes, Carolyn