Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Traveler's Journal - My Beloved Britain

For the benefit of those that may not be part
of the Facebook network, I will also be sharing
my travel experiences here via this post. Please
stop by and visit daily to follow along on my
adventures through Britain.

Saturday, August 22nd - The Festival of Quilts has
been absolutely AMAZING... the best part...
my students, who are incredibly creative and
kind, just like my students in America. It
is wonderful to know that we are all of one
heart and one mind when it comes to art.
One more day in Birmingham and then starts
the long journey home.

Thursday, August 20th - Friday, August 21st -
Arrived in Birmingham to overcast skies but this did
not dampen my spirits as my student were eager and
excited to be experiencing the joys of painting and
embracing Nature in a whole new way.

Wednesday, August 19th - Camden Market
was a mix of Retro, Romance, Punk and HipHop,
all sorts of characters mixed, mingled, and shopped
in this huge open air market. The day ended with
a trip to Harrods, where I purchased some incredible
speciality teas. Leaving London is bitter sweet, as
I have so enjoyed my stay, but am anxious to arrive
at Festival of Quilts

Tuesday, August 18th - Explored the shops
of London, walking hither and yon, riding the
Tube/Subway to all parts of the city, purchased
exotic metallic papers in the Paperchase, examined
futuristic store windows of Selfridges Department
Store, and discovered two very charming treasures
in Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street.

Monday, August 17th - The day began with
a leisurely stroll through Buckingham Gardens. Like
a fairy tale, complete with enchanting black swans
as my guides, the lush green, winding path lead right
up to the front doors of the Queen's Palace. The
perfect ending to this most perfect day was watching
the sun set over Kensington Palace topped off with a
ride on the carousel.

Sunday, August 16th - As the plane landed
in London, I was able to experience the most glorious
sunrise from my window. Cool breezes and a light mist
greeted this weary traveler. After a long nap and a
hot shower, I walked Glouschester Road, wandering
through several of the local shops and soaking in the
atmosphere of South Kensington


abbymaya said...

I'm a huge anglophile so loving your updates. I think it's time to think about a spring trip across the pond!

Seth said...

Thanks for bringing us along on the journey. Looks like a lot of fun!!

Ruth Rae said...

oh what a fun adventure your having! oh how I wish that I had stolen away and hitched a ride with you in Arizona!

have a wonderful time! and lets connect when you come home as I will be in Houston and wanted to know if I could room with you 2 for a few days.

safe travels!

Mary lin Huskamp said...

Happy to see you and Earl are enjoying the trip. You are in my thoughts.


Sheilasembroidery said...

Sounds as if you had a ball in London, see you tomorrow!

blinkleblinkle said...

Great pictures! I'm enjoying hearing about your trip... looks fabulous!

Lori Hudson said...

I, too, am a huge Anglophile. I used to live in South Kensington. I'm trying to get into 2 of your classed at ArtFest. I think we will get along fabulously.

layers said...

I am new to the blogging thing and found you because I just looked at the upcoming schedule for ArtFest in Port Townsend WA. I would love to take your class on Visible Nesting but I already have a conflict because I teach workshops around the country myself. So I looked you up online and found your blog. My gosh, your work has been in a lot of books and magazines. I am basically a painter who uses collage and found objects in my work and have put a lot of bird nests, eggs and crows in my paintings. My most recent post is about nesting. I hope you teach that class in the future again when I can take it.

layers said...

me again. I meant to tell you that I went to London this June and Edinburgh Scotland and loved it there. Your row of hotels look like where we stayed near Paddington Station.

Sheilasembroidery said...

I hope you got back safely


I'm so glad I found your blog via Rebecca Sower's blog. Your book is on my wish list and it will be nice to follow you here too.

Best wishes,

janet clare said...

Tracie, it was lovely to meet you over and over again!! ;-) the other day. You win the prize for most lovely and enthusiastic customer. And I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your trip to old Blighty!

caro said...

Loving the preview of your book, via Rebecca's blog. Just what I needed to get me making art again ... All the best, from South Africa.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Dear BlinkleBlinke

Thanks so much for coming along with me on my journey!!! I arrived home yesterday, happy inside with the warm glow of incredible memories from the experience. England is such a magical place.

I apologize that I am responding to your lovely blog comment in this manner. However, Blogger does not always provide an email address of a particular reader.