Sunday, September 06, 2009


It's been an AMAZING WEEK!!!

I have vacillated minute to minute
between tears of joy accompanied
by a big smile on my face, and sweet
laughter, as beautiful comments and
messages have poured in, flooding
my email. Each one filled with the most
kind, wonderful, and encouraging words
regarding my new book, Nature Inspired.

THANKS TO ALL that have written!

I am thrilled you love it, and am honestly
without words to adequately express the
depth of gratitude and overflowing emotions.

These cherished moments continue
to get even better, as my INCREDIBLE
publishing company, Rockport/Quarry
has offered to provide two copies of
Nature Inspired to be given away.

Even if you have already purchased
a copy you are welcome to enter, as
a second copy would be a perfect
gift for a special friend or family

Each book will come autographed with
a limited edition print, and as a BONUS!!!
I will also be giving away two small
original artworks.

For your first chance to win, please leave
a comment here telling me what your
favorite bird is. The giveaway will end
at noon on Thursday, September 10th,
and I will pick a random winner.

Details for your second chance to win
will be posted on the Craftside Blog soon.

Also, friends Bill & Kristin Steiner
currently have a post where you can
leave a comment for a chance to
receive a free copy. They are taking
comments until September 15th.
And friend, Kelly Rae Roberts, will
also be hosting a giveaway in the
next several weeks.

So, LOTS of chances to WIN!


Janet said...

congrats on your book! just thinking about what that must feel like gives me goosebumps! so cool!

my fave bird is the cardinal, mostly because they remind me of where I grew up, and especially seeing them out my grandma's kitchen window. she'd made a makeshift feeder out of an old cookie sheet and some wire and wired it up in a tree outside the window. i miss her and i miss cardinals as there are none where i now live. thanks for the chance to win your book!


Hi Tracie, I am very much looking forward to getting a copy of your book so a chance to win one is very special - thank you!

My favourite bird is the English garden blackbird. They are so cheeky and have such comic personalities. I feed three families of them and it's an absolute delight to have them in my garden. They are very naughty and come and sit on my windowsill and peer in at me or fly up against the window when they have eaten all the sultanas I give them

I enjoy seeing the baby birds grow and watch their colours change from the tail end to the neck, then mature and bring their own babies the following year

Some of them are more interested in the pecking order than in actually getting their share of food, preferring to spar with the other blackbirds. I wag my finger at them and tell them to stop fighting! They tilt their heads, they are listening!

It is a joy, they are so funny and they cheer me every day!

Thank you Tracie!


jane eileen said...

Congrats on the book! You must be so proud, as are others! My fvorite bird has to be the hummingbird. I love all sorts of birds, but this one just taked a little of my breath away each time I see those wings all aflutter.

all this is mine said...

I have two bird tattoos -- the California quail and the Eastern bluebird. But I don't know if I'd pick either of those as my favorite. I think I'll have to say that my favorite is the hummingbird. It just makes me so happy when I see them.

sue pieper said...

I don't have a FAVORITE favorite bird:) I adore the tenacity of the Brown Thresher (maybe it's thrasher), love the song of the cardinal, blue jays squawking remind me of being "up north", hummingbirds fascinate me & I spend a good amount of time watching them everyday, the arrival of the orioles means summer is really coming-see, I can't choose a favorite! Oh, and the sand hill cranes flying over the house and the sound that they make-so cool! Ok, I'll shut up now:)

Barb T. said...

I love birds, but my favorite is the sassy little black-capped chickadee! Once while hiking with my boyfriend in New Hampshire, I just didn't feel like going on. I parked my butt on a boulder and shortly after he left me, a group of these little scamps came and kept me company for quite some time. They also come and keep me company while I am out in my yard gardening.

Heartfelt said...

congratulations on your book! You are full of surprises. My favorite bird is the finch. I have a lovely Zebra finch that gives me wonderful colorful feathers. Haven't figured out what to do with them yet but I will.
Kathy Read

Pam Beauchesne said...

Hi Tracie, Have seen some previews of your new book and it looks fabulous! Congratulations!!!
My favorite bird is a hummingbird, so little but so fascinating!
Thanks, your friend in FL, Pam.

annie lockhart said...

oh sweetie! i cannot wait to get my copy...congratulations!!!! it looks beautiful.

Janee said...

Congratulations on your book!!! Your enthusiasm is so contagious and inspiring too! :)
My favorite bird is the Great Blue Heron. They always seem to turn up when I need time for reflection and perspective. And they are so elegant and beautiful!
I love reading your blog posts. Thank you for sharing!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

well, my favorite bird would be a tought one. I love to watch the red tailed hawks around here. In the spring you can often hear parents encouraging their young to fly. They call and call and cheer them on!

Carlotta Pengelley said...

Tracie, I am looking forward to getting this book but I will wait until after this contest. Your work is always so beautiful, I am sure that this book will be eye candy for me.

My favorite bird is the magpie; always collecting pretties to beautify his life and attract the ladies. Not a fancy looking bird but mroe than makes up for is in effort and style!

Bee Yourself Designs said...

Congrats Tracie on your book! You do beautiful work! Looking forward to looking in your book.
I would have to say that my favorite bird is the cardinal. I love to see this red bird fly into our trees in our backyard. Such a pretty firey red!

Jeannie said...

I am waiting so impatiently for my birthday later this month because your book is one of my gifts!!! I am so excited to get it in my hot little hands. So, thank you in advance for making my special day extra special! (I have peeked under the covers at B&N which got me even more excited!) Congratulations and have a fantastic week. Cheers.

paperbird said...

Sweet Tracie- just came home to find your package on my counter-everything was packaged so lovely- the print and bird tags are pretty beyond words and the book- amazing!
Thank you so much.

paperbird said...

My favorite birds right now are the magpies that tease my cats and steal their cat food.
They make me laugh!

sandra said...

Tracie, I am waiting patiently to get my book and envious of those who already have a copy. The chance to win another for a friend is so generous of you and your publisher. My favourite bird would have to be the Kookaburra (Kingfisher family) the noise they make can wake a whole neighbourhood. Always a hoot to hear a bird laughing

Autumn Summerfield said...

I have your new book on my wish list. It is wonderful and congratulations it must be most exciting for you.

I have so many favorite birds. We have hawks and eagles, hummingbirds that are always playing and the 12 to 15 little yellow finches that splash and swim in the the birdbath. But we don't have cardinals where I live here in central AZ. But we did where I grew up in MI. I miss them most. So today my favorite bird is the cardinal.

Diana said...

My favourite bird is the robin. I have a very friendly one in my garden who I have come to see as a special visitor!
Would love to win a copy of your book, it looks wonderful.

Jean said...

Hooray for all of your success!! My favorite bird is the cedar waxwing. They were everywhere when I went to college in the early 80's. Just recently they've begun spreading to my hometown, so I get to see them once again!!!

kslaughter said...

Oh what a lovely book! I'm ordering one already, but would love to gift someone else ; ). My favorite bird are the little European robins. They are so sweet!

Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful book!

kitasmom said...

tracie...i saw your book at B&N the other day, and it re-inspired me...gorgeous, lucious work! thank you for putting it out there. Linda E.

Elizabeth said...

I cannot wait to get my hands on your book!! From the little bits taht I ahve seen it is so YOU and Therefore Fabulous!!!!
My favorite bird has always been the little chickadee. My grandmother was Swedish and had a heavy accent. She loved her birds and we fed them daily- high priority!!! She called them her SHICKADEES- and the enitre family still does!!
Congratulations for all of the well deserved rucus about your wonderful book!
Elizabeth Woodford

Angie in AZ said...

Congratulations on your new book! I hope I win! ;)

Now, for a favorite bird, that is really hard. There are so many that are so incredibly beautiful. But honestly, the ones I really love are the common sparrow. Maybe because it's one of the few birds mentioned by name in the Bible and I love the passage about it. But I love finding beauty in the ordinary. And they always look so happy! Of course, Hummingbirds are really wonderful too, and I see them often here in Phoenix. I also love the coloring of Starlings or a crow... love the purples and blues that make up those black feathers! See, it's hard to choose....

terrysweet said...


Leah C said...

Already have your wonderful book{and I am so inspired}...but would love to win a copy for a friend! My favorite bird is the Mockingbird:)

Deb said...

Congratulations Tracie! Your new book looks amazing ~Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy! My favourite bird is the Sparrow ♥

Beach Cottage Studio said...

I love your blog! Very inspiring and it was so great to hear about your new book!
The turtle dove is my favorite bird. My grandmother always called me her turtle dove since I was a small girl. And after my grandfather passed away a pair of turtle doves come by often into the yard. I adore the sound they make when they are talking to each other.
Best Regards, Kristine

Ludid said...

i love birds with long beaks; i bought your book last week right before my labor day weekend road trip; lovely

justorville said...

I have looked through your beautiful book and I am going to get my own copy. I can't wait to start painting a chickadee... or a sparrow... both are favorites of mine. i do love little plain birds too.

Joni said...

Congratulations on your beautiful book! My current favorite bird is a cute little water bird called the Wilson's Phalarope because of a recent encounter we had. It was a hot day even for Arizona and this poor little fellow was sitting on the shoreline with a broken leg. Two roadrunners were ready for an easy meal so we had to act fast. My husband got close enough to scoop him up, and we rushed him to the wildlife rehabilition center. They put a tiny splint on his leg and nurtured him back to health. He was released last week, ready to continue his migratory journey.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult for me to choose any one bird as my favorite... I have always enjoyed watching and identifying birds. I'm always delighted to see hummingbirds and like cardinals, flickers, and the barred owl that we often hear (and sometimes see) around our neighborhood. I guess my favorite is the the flamingo (forgive me, I grew up in Florida!).

I would love to win a copy of your new book - thanks for this chance.

natalea said...

Congratulations on your book! How wonderful! My favorite bird is the plain old robin. I just love think they are the sweetest and love to watch them. xoxo natalea

Julie said...

Lee Weber referred me to your blog - and I arrived just in time to enter the chance to receive your lovely book - may the fates be praised....

My favorite bird is the common brown house wren. A couple visit my screened in porch each year to nest and raise their prodigny. I leave the door open for them to come and go as they please. In exchange they keep my screened in porch buggy free. I left my sliding glass door ajar one afternoon and they actually flew inside the house perching on my chandeliers chirping away and then flitting back outside once again. How could they not be my favorite birds after that???

Thank you for a lovely blog - I'm off to enjoy past postings - Julie

dns_smart said...

I would have to say the simple little sparrows. We have so many of them and not too many other kinds here in our part of Wyoming.We do on occasion get robins,blackbirds,and for us even the occasional owl.The last couple of years we also get doves as they like to eat my chickens leftover food.

Suze said...

Congratulations on your new book. From the few pages I've seen it looks so beautiful.

My all time favorite birds are bluebirds but I've only seen then in art but never in person. We have beautiful red cardinals and a flock of wild, bright yellow finches that make me stop whatever I am doing and admire them as they shred the seeds from my cornflowers in my garden. The coloring on the finches is so stunning that they seem like they should be in the Amazon and not here. They gives our mainly, green PA countryside some much needed color.


Debi Minter from WY said...

I'm so excited for you and your new book! It looks just amazing!
My favorite bird is the dove. Not only for what it stands for~ PEACE~ but because it's beautiful and has the most beautiful and haunting birdsong. We have a group of them living in a huge tree at our new home we moved into this summer. I love watching them and hearing them in the evening.

Peggy said...

My favorite bird is the cedar waxwing.

Catherine said...

I have been in great anticipation for your book for many months, and it has now arrived and I am so blown away! Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful and inspiring work! I do have a question...on page 88 you mention 'decorative fabric interfacing' as that used on the body of the bird. What is this product and where can I buy it? Thank you.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Catherine.... Thank you so very much for commenting... unfortunately, blogger does not always provide me with the email address of my visitors.

I do want to answer your question. The decorative interfacing is something I discovered at JoAnn's Fabrics. It is found in the bridal section. However, it has been difficult to locate recently as JoAnn's is constantly changing their inventory. So I would encourage you to look around in other stores and upscale fabric stores carrying wedding materials.

Please feel free to email me with any other questions.


lila said...

Your book is so beautiful! Congratulations! I love doing whimical watercolors of birds and look forward to learning more from your book!

Jacky said...

I have only just found your wonderful blog (popped over from visiting Love Stitching Red blog).
Please enter me in your draw for your beautiful book...I will be keeping an eye out for it here in Australia.
My favourite bird of all is the common little sparrow, such a cheeky little chap.


Dear Tracie

I just popped over to see you and I couldn't believe it when I saw I had won your book and the other goodies. I am jumping for joy, I am so happy. Oh what a wonderful start to my day! Thank you very much!

I couldn't see an email for you - so here's mine:

Thank you, thank you!

Carolyn Saxby

Judy said...

Tracie Lyn,

I have recieved my copy of Nature Inspired today and am surprised it reached Tasmania so quickly, you have done a masterful job on your book and i am enjoying it very much finding useful hints already. I also love the print included and will enjoy living with it and it will remind me of a generous talented person, thank you. so much.

Shirley said...

I just got a look at your new book from my Craftside email, it looks AWESOME!

My favorite bird would have to be my blue and white (mostly white) budgie. His name was suppose to be Sparkle, but the grandkids call him Birdie and it stuck. It's so nice to hear him with his special whistle in the morning waiting for his cage to be uncovered. Then a whole days worth of his bird talk, and he really does talk!

Colette said...

I hope it's not too late to win. I just made a bird post on my blog today. My favourite bird is Sparrow due to a very miving book called Broken Beaks which I read to my class of 7 yr olds. I blogged about how it moved the children.

Berry Girl said...

My favorite bird is the humming bird. It is small and has lots of energy and it is gorgious. Thanks for the chance to win your book!