Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's simply lovely when friends come to visit.
I wish I could share a cup of tea and take
a stroll through the garden with each and
everyone of you.

Thank you all for so many wonderful
messages, and what fun it's been to
find out your favorite birds!

If you haven't had a chance to read all
of the charming bird stories, I encourage
you to take a peek at the comments from
the last post. Each one had me smiling and
nodding my head in complete agreement
that your particular bird was also a favorite
of mine.

And, there was a GREAT comment/
question asked by Catherine, that I would
like to answer.

Q. On page 88 of Nature Inspired, I mention
decorative fabric interfacing was used to
embellish the body of the bird. What is this
product and where can you buy it?

A. The decorative interfacing is mostly sheer,
with a similar look and texture of mulberry
paper. It has a pre-printed floral scroll design.
The interfacing was something I discovered at
JoAnn's Fabrics in the bridal section, and is
used to line the inside of a bodice or skirt.

However, it has been difficult to locate recently
as JoAnn's is constantly changing their inventory.
So, I would encourage you to look around in other
stores especially upscale fabric stores carrying
wedding dress materials.

9/12 - Update: I would like to share the email
I received from Catherine. She had a completely
FABULOUS idea for making your own decorative
interfacing to use as an embellishment for your
painted subject

Dear Tracie,
Thank you so very much for posting an answer
to my question on your blog. I wanted to publicly
thank you for your guidance in regard to the
interfacing in question. And also, I wanted to
mention to all that read your blog, that your book
is well worth double the price! I have not been this
excited about a book in a very long time. I can't tell
you how eager I am to dip into my paints, my stash
of fabrics and laces, and every other goodie you use.
The combination of words and visuals are so perfect
and really speak to my creative soul and desires.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing these techniques!
I have been eagerly awaiting your book and am not only
not disappointed, but thrilled.

I'm going to attempt to stamp on some similar weight
interfacing and see if I have any luck. And also the idea
of stenciling will be attempted as well, if I can find a stencil
with a small enough scale.



Well speaking of friends, I thought I would give
you a glimpse of a another little fellow that's
been hanging around my front porch over the
last several weeks, napping in the largest toad
house during the day.

I am sure he is resting up for a very busy
night of bug catching. The look on
his face, droopy eyes and drowsy
expression, made me chuckle, quietly
of course, because I didn't want to wake
my sleeping guest.

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And friend, Kelly Rae Roberts, will
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