Monday, February 08, 2010

And They Called It... PUPPY LOVE!

I suppose I am showing my age by asking if
you remember the Donny Osmond song... PUPPY LOVE?

I keep thinking of this particular song because
on Friday, January 29th in the middle of a snow
storm, my husband and I drove an hour from
our home to Harper, Kansas.

Why?... you ask, would we do such a CRAZY thing.

W-E-L-L, to adopt not one but TWO Pug puppies.

Of course who can resist puppies? But I was instantly IN LOVE!
with these two.

The one on the left is Mz. Beatrix Potter Pug and
the one on the right is Mz. Amelia Warne Pug...
AKA.. Bea and Millie.

They are both totally adorable and complete rascals!
But they are my rascals.

It has been a bit of an adjustment with little
ones in the house. We are quickly learning
to read the body language and all those other
subtle hints.

Here's sending everyone puppy kisses and... wishing you
A Very Happy Valentines Week!

* Be Sure to stop by on Friday!

I will be posting A Butterfly Valentine Tutorial

Make that special someone a handcrafted treasure.
The perfect way to tell them how much you care!


Apifera Farm said...

well, well, well...congrats! You know me and the One Eyed Pug approve...get ready for lots of fun, humor...and pug love.

Fran said...

Congrats! They're beautiful. Ah, loved Donny back in the day! xo, Fran

Denny1600 said...

Oh, congratulations on your new puppies! I see they are working to get you trained right away. They are just adorable. Give them love and kisses from me.

Lori S-C said...

They are so cute! I am in love!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

what sweet babies!!

Debby said...

Ah!!! How sweet, they are both darling. My husband & I rescued a maltese two weeks before Christmas and he is just a sweetie. He is 3 years old, but so much fun to have around.

Jans Gourds said...

OMG they are so...... cute. I didn't know you had a new baby too. Boy isn't it an eye opener. I forgot how much work it is raising new puppies again. We are haveing a blast with ours.
I finished the cover of my art journal. Its on my blog along with photos of our new baby too. I love your sweet little babies.

Jane LaFazio said...

oh yea. adorable!! can we expect a line of pug fabrics? :-)

Janet Clare said...

they are adorable!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Thanks Everyone!!! They are very adorable... heart melting. Little Millie is a snuggler and very curious. Bea is our rambunctious rascal and timid... we love them so much.

Jans Gourds said...

Amelia and Bea, how cute is that? Don't you love those puppy kisses and that puppy breath. Unfortunately the kisses turn into little puppy nibbles with very sharp teeth.

Catherine said...

Oh, Bea and Millie are adorable! They are so cute! Wishing you many hours of warm puppy snuggles and kisses! Sweet, sweet, sweet!

*jean* said...

we had a fawn pug when i was growing up and he was the best dog ever! smart, loyal, playful and just plain hilarious....lucky you!!!

Maija said...

OMG!!! Enjoy your new's like having twins!!
You will just love them to death!!!