Saturday, February 06, 2010

To: Haiti... With Love

Over the last several weeks, Haiti has been
in the forefront of the news. Seeing pictures,
listening to broadcasts, and looking at images
of the earthquake devastation are utterly heartbreaking.

These images seem even more real when you
know of someone that has traveled to this country
and has experienced the living conditions first hand.

My dear friend, Rebecca Sower, is one of those
individuals that has been to Haiti, and fell
in love with this country and the people she
has met. In fact she had just returned home
from a visit there, when the quake struck.

Wanting to contribute to the aid efforts,
Rebecca has pulled together talented
artists from across this country. These
artists have donated beautiful works for
her cause - Haiti by Hand.

Rebecca has written a mission statement
for the website that I would like
to share with you....

"Haiti By Hand exists to help the women of Haiti
help themselves. We believe we can stand beside
them and guide them toward the road to being
self-sustained and independent. We want to
reach out our hand to them and lift them up
by encouraging their creativity, teaching them
handcrafting and other skills and by giving them
financial guidance and support. We don’t think
handouts are the long-term solution. These
beautiful women want to help themselves.
They want to support their children. They
are creative, organic, resourceful people who
are worthy of our support, our prayers and
our love.

When you purchase an item in the Haiti by Hand
etsy shop or through one of our auctions, the
entire purchase price of that item goes directly
into the hands of these women. Not in the form
of a handout, but with guidance and support and
direction attached."

I ask you to visit the above links, leave comments
of encouragement and/or make a purchase in
support of Rebecca and the people of Haiti.

Many Thanks!