Monday, April 12, 2010

An Honored Guest

Over seven years ago, I graduated at the ripe
ol' age of 36 with a degree in Art. This
accomplishment took me four years of going
to school part-time along with working a job
as a graphic design intern, 30 hours a week.

I look back on that time with utter amazement,
that I was able to maintain such a rigorous
schedule. That period in my life would
become one of the hardest and most
rewarding experiences.

Pursuing your passion can lead you down a
difficult path, but I, personally, did not regret
one minute of the journey. Creating Art had
secretly always been my dream... my bold decision
to pursue that dream saved me from a life
of "What If". It taught me that I was strong
enough to reach for the stars and make it.

I am extremely honored this week to be a
guest curator for This
website is the brain child of artist extraordinaire,
Jenny Doh. She has thoughtfully created a place
where artists, like herself, can share our success
stories and give each other hope.

I invite you to visit to read
the rest of my story, along with the other three
guest curator's stories this week.

My sincere wish is that it will inspired others
to not be afraid to seek out the person they
were meant to be.