Friday, April 09, 2010



I woke this morning to find my little mama
bird snuggled into her nest.

This can only mean one thing, she must be
laying her eggs!

I crept into the front hall quietly and stood
as still as I could to watch her for a few
moments. Within those 5 or so minutes,
daddy bird arrived and sweetly fed mama
some food.

The photo at the top is a picture of the
proud papa and here is one of mama.


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh how beautiful! Do you know what kind of bird this is?

noye studios said...

oh how much fun you're going to have!!! we have several nesting pairs of cardinals in our yard every year. i can't see them from inside the house but 2 of them always build their nests in large bushes right off our front covered porch. i check on them every morning before i go to work! :)

Jill said...

We always feel so privileged when birds choose to nest in our gardens. I hope 'your' lodgers raise their family safely.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous photo - and how exciting. I know you will make this into more amazing art - and if you could see the photos I have taken since reading your amazing book you would realise how it has changed my life. (Posted from a caravan on a campsite in the wetlands of Somerset UK, courtesy of the wonders of WiFi). P.S. Today I have been photographing herons nesting on twiggy rafts in the uppermost branches of an oak woodland. Spectacular.

Dianne said...

Oooo that is so sweet...

Catherine said...

Oh, Tracie - congratulations! You are so right - what a lovely, sweet miracle right at your own front door! They are a beautiful pair!
We have house finches as well, but I have never had the privilege of seeing the nest. I still remember the day the proud parents brought all 5 fledglings to the birdbath - what a feast for the eyes! I cried with joy as I watched them testing the waters for the first time.
Wishing you many magical nesting moments!

Jane LaFazio said...

oh. I just love this little episode happening on your front door!