Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Sojourn of A Dream - Part 2

With thoughts of my upcoming journey, I have been
focusing this week on creating works of art to carry
with me. These new pieces, hopefully, will inspire my
students, who will also be on their own artistic journey
during our time together.

Using photographs they will take
themselves, each individual's work
will be thoroughly infused with
their own personal connection to
the incredible landscapes, vistas,
and nature surroundings of Orvieto,
Italy via the images they capture
with the camera, then realize in
paint and written words.

I can not help but already feel,
deep inside, the distance rhythms
and whispers of this magical
place, as I cover my canvas,
revealing the lush red hues
of a poppy and deep forest
green of the grasses.

These past days, I have also been feeling
so very grateful and humbled by the
support I've received from those buying
my original artworks and pillow/sachets,
each filled with this spirit of Italia Ispirato.

With every purchase, I get closer and closer
to realizing my dream of immersing myself
in the artistic wonders of Rome.

At the gentle urging and sincere requests
of several individuals, I have added just a
few more Petite Inspiration Artworks to my
little shop

Such delicate and beautiful, hand painted
glimpses of nature, surrounded by heartfelt
verses of poetic prose and lyrical words.
Small bits of delight to bring a smile to
your face when you gaze upon them.

Treasures that carry pieces of my heart
and the joy of a "dream come true"
mingled with paper, and paint.

THANK YOU for continuing to visit my
little shop
and perhaps finding a bit of
inspiration to call your own!


Jill said...

Oh how envious I am. I love Italy and have visited Orvieto, but circumstances prevent travel for the time being. I know you will have a beautiful time

Rebecca said...

so beautiful...enjoy italy!