Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Sojourn of A Dream - Part 3

I thought I would share my finished artwork
for Italy.
I love this piece!

It is infused with the most incredible colors,
vibrant, and warm. A true representation
of the joy and blissful anticipation I feel.

I have also started painting another example,
this one a little different, more of a landscape
style. I am currently working through the idea
of trying to represent the ground in a more
abstract fashion and have been experimenting
with different materials.
I am fond of this patchwork quilt look, using
fabrics that remind me of a field of poppies
growing wild.

Although my trip is over a month away, I plan
to completed this last piece and then gather the
different art supplies I will be taking with me.
It is such a good feeling when preparations for
a workshop are ready well in advance of class.
Also Monday, July 26th will be the last day of
my Italia Inspirato Sale in my little shop.

There are only a few pieces left. So don't
wait to select a treasure that is the perfect
way to show that special someone just
how much your love them, or maybe it
is a divine treat for yourself!

I am so appreciative for the support I have
received! With every purchase, I come closer
and closer to realizing my dream of travel to


Leslie said...

I love the poppy! I'll bet it looks even better in person!

Kay said...

Tracie, would you consider doing an on-line class after you get back from Italy for those of us who could not be with you - we could use photos we take wherever we are........ PLEASE!!!!!!