Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Meanderings...

The beginning of another week
and one particular task is weighing
heavily on my mind today.

I have been procrastinating on this
project, mostly due to my lack of
familiarity with the necessary steps
to a successful completion. But the
time has come for me to stop being
scared of failing, no more excuses
or distractions, I must dive in with
everything I know and finish.

The above close-up is from an artwork
I just recently completed. It's part of a
series of collage paintings that marry
the pages from a very tiny autograph
book with paint, and vintage fabric.

I have placed this charming piece
next to my computer to help inspire
me, as I wander into the unknown of
this seemingly daunting assignment.
Hopefully, it will continue to remind
me that I don't always need to know
how something will or should end, but
to always follow my heart and enjoy
the journey.

Wish me luck!


Wild Somerset Child said...

This is so beautiful, I would love to have it sitting by MY computer. I have your tags spread around the house .. they inspire me and I cannot tell you how much I feel I have moved forward since buying your 'Nature' book. But what, please (I've been too long absent) is the task that is so daunting ...? I know the feeling of fear and of dread when tackling something new, or different. One step at a time, stepping stones over a river, maybe a leap in the dark .... With much love until I next catch up with you, A.

Catherine said...

What a lovely painting... there is nothing better than precious birds for inspiration!