Thursday, August 26, 2010


I LOVE AUTUMN... I just can't
wait for my favorite season to arrive!

Not only are the outdoors an absolute
breathtaking vision to behold with
leaves changing and cool breezes,
one of my very favorite events occurs
in the Fall.

I am so grateful and humbled to be
teaching again at the International
Quilt Festival in Houston
. This year
I will be busier than ever with the
debut of my BRAND NEW FABRIC
LINE (YEAH!!!) - "Nature Inspired"

being shown at Quilt Market just two
days before Festival and then having
the honor of teaching 4 FABULOUS
workshops and participating in 2
large demonstrations.

All this goodness takes many days,
sometimes weeks and months of
preparation. As you can see in the
picture below, I am creating lots of
lovely verdigris copper patina fabrics
for my beautiful students to use.

I invite you to attend this event. If
you have never been, you are in for
experience.... seriously!

I also love meeting up with other
artists in the fabric realm and
especially enjoying visiting with
friend and artist extraordinaire,
Judy Coates Perez. We both adore
nature and painting on fabric, so
you can imagine that we have lots
to share with each other having
such similar interests.

Below is a list of painting workshops
I will be offering along with more
SUPER INCREDIBLE painting classes
that Judy will be conducting.

Tuesday, November 2nd -
Workshop - Tsukineko All Purpose Inks: Class FULL
teacher - Judy Coates Perez
"From adding details, dimension or shadow
to creating fully illustrated scenes, paint
offers endless opportunities for creating
special effects on fabric. Working with
various types of fabric paints you will learn
different techniques for applying paint to
fabric, creating smooth gradations of color
and adding fine details to your work."

Wednesday, November 3rd -
Workshop - Color Theory
teacher - Judy Coates Perez
"Did you know the color choices you make
can transform an average piece of artwork
into something spectacular? Be surprised
and delighted by the effects and illusions
you can create by understanding the
mysteries of color. In this hands-on
experiential class you'll learn key color
concepts with visual examples, mix new
paint colors, and create helpful charts,
all providing you with the tools you’ll
need to see color in a whole new light."

Workshop - Quilt Block Collage
teachers - Tracie Lyn and Marylin Huskamp
"Work with both fabric and paper to create
a nature-inspired fiber collage quilt block.
Explore methods for sketching an image on
fabric using a fast and easy technique that
requires no previous drawing skills, rendering
natural subjects with acrylic pain,, and
composing separate elements onto one surface
to reveal a stunning mixed-media artwork."

Thursday, November 4th -
Workshop - Fabric Patinas Techniques: Class FULL
teachers - Tracie Lyn and Marylin Huskamp
"Examine multiple ways to distress fabric using
various art products. Learn to make cloth look
like rust, weathered wood, watercolor, gilded
gold, verdigris green copper, copper metal and
polished metallics of silver, gold, and bronze."

Friday, November 5th -
Workshop - Quilted Nature Pendant
teachers - Tracie Lyn and Marylin Huskamp
"Explore techniques for creating a beautiful
quilted pendant that is sure to be a work of
art you will love to wear over and over.
Combine methods for transferring a line drawing
to fabric using acrylic paint to render a nature-
inspired subject. Finally, compose a stunning
adornment from separate elements."

Friday Night, November 5th -
Workshop - Fabric Painting: Small Creatures (Birds)
teachers - Tracie Lyn and Marylin Huskamp
"This workshop is part of an on-going series of
painting lessons. Explore methods for sketching
bird images on fabric using a technique that
requires no previous drawing skills, and rendering
them with acrylic paint."

I hope you will join us!