Monday, September 06, 2010

For Luck...

Does this look like a bag that's ready for travel?

Well it is, almost... just a few last minute
items to tuck into the remaining yet,
quickly disappearing small spaces
before I leave on my Italy adventure.

I can hardly believe that after all these
months of hoping, dreaming, planning,
and preparations, I will be on my way
in a matter of days.

If you remember from this post,
I have a journal all prepared to
record the trip.

And I also finished reading this
terrific book
, that I highly
recommend! There are some super
tips to really make the most of your
words when travel journaling.

In fact, I decided to try one of the
author's suggestions by pre-journaling
before my voyage. So this last Friday,
(which was the one week marker), I
penned the page below and decorated
it with splashes of color.

Here is an excerpt from my writings -

"one week from today I will
be leaving for Italy. I expect
to experience so many special
moments that may be life
altering mostly because that's
what travel does, it changes
you. For better or worse, you
are different after stepping
outside the comfort of your
familiar surroundings.

You return with a clearer
understanding of another
culture. You have an
opportunity to soak-up
the gifts of history, nature,
art, and customs, all the
while comparing and
contracting each of those
to your own life's rituals."

Then being inspired by a friend's
gesture when recording her first
journal page,
I, too, added a
good luck charm to the top. This
one is painted, which is surely just
as good as the real thing... right?


Holly McLean said...

I must check out the book. i love just the colors you've used on your first page. You will surely have a wonderful time.

Janee said...

How beautifully stated! I hope your time in Italy is a truly glorious adventure. :) (and I can't wait to hear about it!)

Jane LaFazio said...

you're off to a great start!! bon voyage!

Lee said...

Have fun Tracey!

Cindy Woods O'Leary said...

I know you're going to have a fabulous adventure, and will bring back tons of wonderful memories. (You sure you don't need someone to carry your bags? Just sayin'...) xoxo

Catherine said...

Beautiful prose, and such lovely pages to record your amazing journey. The four-leaf clover is the perfect beginning :-)