Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Work Table Wednesdays

I have been having loads of fun this
past month sharing glimpses of my
studio in posts on Faceook.

In particular, I snap a single photo of my
work table every Wednesday morning.
Clean or messy, the scene is completely
unedited before taking the picture.

I think the exercise makes a super visual
journal and provides a perfect opportunity
to see how one particular working artist
spends her days.

Just take a peek...

(August 11th)

(August 18th)

(August 25th)

(September 1st)

I am so amazed with how similar the
last three pictures are to one another.
It is mostly likely because I am currently
working on a series of collage paintings
that I can't wait to share with you in the
next post.

My hope is these images inspire you and
others to not be afraid to dive in and just

I invite you to participate along with me by
adding me as a Facebook Friend and
posting a photo of your own work table in
its current condition. Be sure to leave a
comment when you do, so we can come visit!


Peggy said...

hi tracie, i requested you as a friend. wish i would have read this post earlier today as I just cleaned off my worktable. also, i just finished a small artist book that was based off of some of your poetry. i'll be sending you pictures soon.

Jane LaFazio said...

but, your work table is so tidy... my my what good work habits you have. (oh yea, and beautiful work!)

Catherine said...

re: post below.. What an incredible line-up of classes, Tracie! So wish I could be there - would sign up for every single one! :-)
We have been on pins-and-needles waiting for your new fabric line to debut - so happy to hear it will be happening Soon!