Friday, October 29, 2010

Basket Sash Tutorial

This is a PERFECT project for making
the most of a remnant piece of fabric,
as well as being an absolutely charming
embellishment for an otherwise plain

Select a basket...

This particular pocket style is available
in two sizes and can be purchased
from one of my very favorite shops,
Willow Brook Home.

Choose a favorite fabric. These
are four different colors of the
beautiful Swirl design from my
Nature Inspire Collection.

Lay the piece of fabric flat and
roll an approximate 1" wide tube.

Note: The rolled width can vary
based on the size of the basket.

Wrap the fabric sash around the basket.

Note: Even if the rolled fabric
does not fit completely you can
still use it, as long as the ends
can not be seen from the side
once the basket is hanging.

Secure the sash in place with pins.

Cut two thin pieces of ribbon that
compliment your sash fabric.

Tie one ribbon around the
fabric on either side of the
basket creating a gather.

Finish by adding a Covered
Button Corsage
to the front.

In my next post, I will be sharing scenes from
Quilt Market and the debut of my NEW Fabric
Line.... WISH ME LUCK!


Jane LaFazio said...

can't wait to hear about Quilt Market! you don't need luck right now, you've got talent and fabulous fabrics.

Anonymous said...

All the best with the quilt market - and I have to tell you I all but swooned at that ice-blue swirl fabric: I WANT SOME !!! (for the nature inspired 'winter observed' concertina booklet I began almost twelve months ago and which is emerging again to the top of the must-make-it-now pile of projects.