Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Cover Button Corsage Tutorial

I love sweet decorative baubles that can be
used to dress-up, well, just about anything.

In this tutorial, I will step thru making a
wonderful Covered Button Corsage.

Select a favorite fabric. These are two
beautiful butterfly designs from my
Nature Inspire Collection.

As I mentioned in my last post. I have
newly discovered the joy of creating
covered buttons. There are kits available
for purchase at your local sewing center.

Next select a piece of wide grosgrain
ribbon that coordinates with the

Cut a piece, at least 2 1/2 times
the circumference of the button.

Treat the edges of the ribbon with
Fray Check to keep them from

Once the Fray Check is dry, sew two
lines using a large stitch width and
length along one long edge of the

Be sure when sewing, the second
line does not cross over the first.

Using one of the two thread lines,
carefully pull the string away from
the ribbon.

This will cause the ribbon to begin
gathering. Gently work the gathers
so they are even.

*Note - Stitching two lines provides
a back-up in case the first thread
breaks during the gathering process.

Repeat the above step as many
times as necessary, in order to
create the desired gathers in the

By hand, make a loose rosette with
the gathered ribbon.

Stitch the back of the ribbon
rosette to secure in place.

Sew the fabric button to
the center of the rosette
making sure to stitch thru
a flat button on the
back side giving the
piece additional stability.

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