Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting Back To Art

Unfortunately, I have been nursing a cold that
has had me in bed resting, drinking lots of tea,
and spending little, if any time, in the studio
this week.

But these healing days have not kept my mind
from just whirling with so many artistic ideas
I am eager to explore, once I am feeling better.

Above is a photo of a newly purchased stash of
lovely orphan quilt blocks that I just can't seem
to stop thinking about, and below are close-ups
of a few of my favorites.

The variety of vintage fabrics and stitching have
my creative juices really flowing.

Many times, I love the back of the quilt block
much, much better than the front, like these
particular pieces shown.

So here is hoping for a speedy recovery and
getting back to making art!


Catherine said...

Hope you are feeling completely well again very soon, Tracie! Love the antique quilt blocks you found, especially the square stitching on the back. Lovely! Wishing you warmth, a restful weekend and speedy recovery!

Wild Somerset Child said...

Oh I do so hope you are better soon, dear friend. How I love those quilt blocks - I must backtrack and read the posts of yours I have missed, as I creep ever forward (or back) to working on what you inspired me to create through your lovely 'Nature Inspired' book.

Dianne said...

Feel better soon... I want to see what you do with those blocks!