Monday, November 15, 2010

Lingering in Autumn

Fall is my most favorite season of
the year. It is hard not to be awe-
inspired by the spectacular rich
vibrant colors, mingled with the
withering remnants of life.

Because of my travels, I, often times,
miss the full glory of this parade. And
when I do return to my beloved Plains,
there is a persistent longing of the heart to
reclaim, somehow selfishly try to recapture
those lost moments. Always hoping I won't
miss the chance to linger, just a little bit,
in the sublime of Autumn.

"Now bright pleasure's
Sparkling measures
With rare treasures
With this gladness
Comes what sadness!
Oh, what woe!"

-Thomas Buchanan Read


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics - and thanks for your lovely email; I'll reply properly but have computer problems at the moment. As ever, A.

Jane LaFazio said...

yummy. I have a thing for red berries...

Pat said...

Your photos are so lovely! You are a camera whiz.....always enjoy your blog. I'm working on my bird book....inspiration from your wonderful book!