Sunday, October 31, 2010

NEWS FLASH! - Quilt Market Meet & Greet

On Sunday, stop by Windham Fabrics -Quilt
Market Booth #624, to see Tracie's Fabric
Collection, Nature Inspired!

Meet the artist, in person, and receive a FREE
Autographed Limited Edition Print, while supplies last.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Basket Sash Tutorial

This is a PERFECT project for making
the most of a remnant piece of fabric,
as well as being an absolutely charming
embellishment for an otherwise plain

Select a basket...

This particular pocket style is available
in two sizes and can be purchased
from one of my very favorite shops,
Willow Brook Home.

Choose a favorite fabric. These
are four different colors of the
beautiful Swirl design from my
Nature Inspire Collection.

Lay the piece of fabric flat and
roll an approximate 1" wide tube.

Note: The rolled width can vary
based on the size of the basket.

Wrap the fabric sash around the basket.

Note: Even if the rolled fabric
does not fit completely you can
still use it, as long as the ends
can not be seen from the side
once the basket is hanging.

Secure the sash in place with pins.

Cut two thin pieces of ribbon that
compliment your sash fabric.

Tie one ribbon around the
fabric on either side of the
basket creating a gather.

Finish by adding a Covered
Button Corsage
to the front.

In my next post, I will be sharing scenes from
Quilt Market and the debut of my NEW Fabric
Line.... WISH ME LUCK!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Cover Button Corsage Tutorial

I love sweet decorative baubles that can be
used to dress-up, well, just about anything.

In this tutorial, I will step thru making a
wonderful Covered Button Corsage.

Select a favorite fabric. These are two
beautiful butterfly designs from my
Nature Inspire Collection.

As I mentioned in my last post. I have
newly discovered the joy of creating
covered buttons. There are kits available
for purchase at your local sewing center.

Next select a piece of wide grosgrain
ribbon that coordinates with the

Cut a piece, at least 2 1/2 times
the circumference of the button.

Treat the edges of the ribbon with
Fray Check to keep them from

Once the Fray Check is dry, sew two
lines using a large stitch width and
length along one long edge of the

Be sure when sewing, the second
line does not cross over the first.

Using one of the two thread lines,
carefully pull the string away from
the ribbon.

This will cause the ribbon to begin
gathering. Gently work the gathers
so they are even.

*Note - Stitching two lines provides
a back-up in case the first thread
breaks during the gathering process.

Repeat the above step as many
times as necessary, in order to
create the desired gathers in the

By hand, make a loose rosette with
the gathered ribbon.

Stitch the back of the ribbon
rosette to secure in place.

Sew the fabric button to
the center of the rosette
making sure to stitch thru
a flat button on the
back side giving the
piece additional stability.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Mini Square Scented Sachet Tutorial

As I mentioned previously, I have been
crazy busy constructing different creations
from the fabrics in my new line, Nature
, to display at Quilt Market.

Over the next several posts, I thought I
would share tutorials of several fun and
easy projects.

Select a favorite fabric. This particular design
has vintage french handwriting and postmarks.

Cut two pieces 3"x 3". These will be the front
and back sides of the sachet.

Place right sides of the two fabric
squares together, lining up the edges.

Pin in place to keep the fabric from

Sew the two piece together, stitching
1/4" away from the edge.

Remember to leave a small opening
on one side, in order to turn the fabric
inside out.

Once the two pieces are stitched
together, snip the corners at a
diagonal. This helps the fabric
to lay flat once turned inside out.

Be sure not to cut your stitches
when trimming.

Turn your sachet inside out
so that the right side of the
fabric is showing.

Using a blunt tool with a rounded
edge carefully place inside the
sachet working the tool into
every corner, so they are crisp.

Be care not to poke to hard or
you might accidentally make a
hole in the fabric.

Fill the little fabric pocket with
your favorite potpourri. I LOVE!
using lavender buds from
Apifera Farm

Hand stitch the opening in your sachet
pillow closed.

I have newly discovered the joy
of creating your own covered buttons.
There are kits you can purchase
at your local sewing center to
make buttons from your favorite
fabrics. I selected a contrasting
fabric, from the Nature Inspired
line, that would stand out against
the sachet fabric.

After making a 1/2" covered
button. Stitch it to the center
of your little sachet square.

Place the finishing touch on
each sachet by tying jute
ribbon around the button.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crazy GOOD!!!

These past few weeks, life has been CRAZY BUSY,

My wonderful mother-in-law, Marylin Huskamp,
and I spent the weekend madly sewing, creating
items, such as an apron, pot holders, tea cozy, place-
mat, lavender sachets, pillows, a yarn tote, ALL
from my new line of fabrics that will be unveiled
at International Quilt Market - Houston later this

Below is a sneak peak of my "Nature Inspired"
fabrics. FabShop News Trade Magazine
dedicated a whole editorial page in their latest
issue highlighting two of Windham Fabric's new
lines. Myself and Paige Stanley Miller were the
honored designers that were featured.

Those of you planning to attend Quilt Market Houston
must stop by in the Windham booth to see them in
person. and say "hello".

Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Italian Journey - Part 4 (Final Post): The Journal

Since returning from Italy, I have been
working sporadically to place finishing
touches on the pages of my journal.

As a final Italian Journey post, I
thought I would share a tutorial
video showing a favorite technique
of mine for adding natural elements
to any book.

I am so honored to be invited to teach
again in Orvieto during Fall 2012. Going
to Italy was a dream I never thought possible.
Now to think of returning is beyond exciting,
and I would love to have you join me!

Make plans now to ensure you will be part
of this incredible adventure. Email me for
details -

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Italian Journey - Part 3: VIVA Roma!

After a glorious week in Orvieto, I
had the incredible opportunity to
spend several additional days in

This city is definitely an artist's
Mecca with a plethora of master-
pieces to behold around every
corner. Each work so detailed,
and most are completely over-
whelming in scale.

In an age of instant everything, it
is very hard to comprehend that
even the smallest pieces of art and
architecture took decades to finish.
And many were not completed before
the requesting patron or the rendering
artist had passed away.

There was just so much about
this metropolis that took my
breath away. To see such
treasures that are still here
today being centuries old,
and having the chance to
visit, in person, the buildings
and artworks I had only seen
via slide shows during Art
History class was simply AMAZING!

Actually being able to gaze upon
such places and works, so as to
fully understand and reflect on
their current condition, surroundings,
details, and setting made a big impact
on me.

All of the churches were not only
locations of worship, but also
housed tombs of past figures
of historical greatness, mostly
Popes and religious leaders.
However, in the Pantheon I was
able to see the tomb of the artist,
Raphael, and was quite moved by
the quote carved into the marble
surround describing this master.

"Here Lies Raphael by whom Nature
feared to be out done when he lived
and when he died feared she herself
would die."

Such beautiful prose that truly touched
the heart of this nature artist.

One struggle while photographing my
site-seeing experiences was trying to
convey the enormous size of the subjects.
The frescos, cathedrals, the ancient
Roman ruins were extremely large.
Nothing was small or petite, every-
thing was very grand.

The streets were so ALIVE!
Lots of little cafes dotted alleyways
making them the perfect spot for
people watching and listening to
the music coming from street performers
that filled the air in every piazza.
I very much enjoyed the vibrant
atmosphere of the city and its

I was quite lucky to stay in a
hotel near the Spanish Step
with a magnificent view.

We splurged and ate dinner in
the restaurant on the roof top
just so we could have a sunset
photo op of the Vatican and
the cityscape.

Of course the food was incredible
in Rome, just like it had been in
Orvieto. And I had my very first

On my last day in Italy, I visited the Vatican.
This was both a wonderful and stressful

I learned so much about this site,
like that the Vatican is the smallest
country in the world, only a little over
100 acres in size. It is guarded by two
groups of police. The Swiss guards are
considered the secret service and all
the members ARE, in fact, Swiss.

The mulitple galleries of sculptures
and art, the Sistine Chapel, and St.
Peter's Basilica are SO UTTERLY
that everyone
should see them in person before
they die.

However, it was easy to feel overcome by
the avalanche of people visiting. One of
our guides told us their can be up to
20,000 people pass through in a

I was lucky enough to participate
in a tour of the Vatican gardens
in the morning. The grounds are
very serene with perfect foliage.

The afternoon was spent touring
the interior. It was interesting to
see how much ancient Roman
art the Vatican possesses, especially
considering the pagan symbolism it

And the angel frescos were the
most lavish and ornate I have ever
witnessed. I could have stared at
these paintings forever they were so

Shown are just a couple of my very favorites.

It was a GREAT trip! As a perfect
ending to this journey, I am excited
to share a few of my favorite journal
pages in an upcoming post!