Monday, April 25, 2011

In The Studio - UPDATES

Already, we are almost at
the end of April. However,
I am excited to celebrate
this upcoming month,
brimming with wonderful
holidays to come, such as
May Day, Mother's Day,
and Memorial Day.

I am spending lots of time
in the studio over the
coming weeks wrapping up
some exciting licensing
projects and beginning
other new adventures.

Just in time for Mother's Day, I am happy to
announce the addition of several new items
in my little shop.

Over the years, the opportunities to offer
original works of art have become less and
less due to the need to hold on to pieces for
various projects. So, I am extremely thrilled
to have just a few exquisite Nest Shadow
for purchase.

These delicate and beautiful pieces are one of
a kind. Each is truly unique and captures a small
scene from this wondrous world. There are two
sizes available small and medium, ideal for any
budget. Inside is a real bird's nest along with other
dried flora, and vintage ephemera. These odes to
nature are perfect inspirations for any space in a
home. And make an excellent gift for someone or
simply a wonderful treat for yourself!

There is also a Brand New! design available from
my Nature Inspired Collection by Windham. This
particular fabric has been sold out since the very
beginning, so I am super excited to finally be able
to offer it for purchase.

And finally... A SPECIAL OFFER!
Let me create a fiber inspired gift box beautifully
packaged as a surprise for Mom's special day, filled
with 10 fabric fat quarters from my Nature Inspired
Collection and 5 covered buttons, plus free shipping.
I will be sure to include one of my custom greeting
cards with your personal message, all for only $50.00.

Requests must be received by Saturday, April 30th
and quantities are limited, so contact me directly at to order.

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