Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking Back

I am sure you have been there...
desperately looking for some missing
something, sort of remembering where
it might be located, only to discover it
is not.

So you continue to look, and look and
look some more... shuffling through
various boxes, nooks, bins, other dark
recesses. Yet during this mad hunt, you
run across long ago items that completely
sidetrack the task at hand and start you

I thought it might be fun to carry you down
memory lane with me. Each sketch is at
least ten years old. All of them rendered
during my days in art school. I love the
variety of styles. This was definitely a
period of exploration and finding my
artistic voice.

Hope you ENJOY!


garden clippings said...

you've got me wanting to look through my old "doodles" and sketches. thanks for sharing!

Susan Allan said...

Ccertainly little treasures to uncover!

Sue xx said...

Oh, these are such lovely pages!
Thank you for sharing. :]