Tuesday, May 10, 2011

View from a Sketchbook - Into the Wilds

Spring, upon the Plains, has been
unseasonably cold, with Winter
vehemently desperate to keep hold of
each passing day. Frequent bouts of
freezing temperatures have had these
landscapes struggling to burst forth
with their usual blooms and foliage.

The garden is just now starting to reveal
a few of its lovely treasures.

The first to appear has been a briar of
roses located in the sunniest spot. In
fact, these roses are already a somewhat
tangled thicket, full of petite blossoms.

While trimming back the wilds of the
unruly bramble, I could not help but gather
a small bouquet for myself. Just a little bit
of the outside to decorate the desk in my
window-less studio.

The inspiration found in trying to tame these
garden beauties has also become the jumping
off point for the first pages in my 2012
Sketchbook Project Journal

Take a Peek!


Jane LaFazio said...


Kristy said...

From another Kansas prairie girl...gorgous ! I too have a bramble of these beauties in bloom. Yesterday and today have been so hot. From the cold to the humid heat !! Ugg ! Oh wait...we are in Kansas !!Lol !!

Janet Ghio said...

Your sketchbook beginnings are gorgeous. I'm from Missouri and I know that cold to hot and humid switch also!!