Wednesday, May 04, 2011

For Japan - SOLD!!!!

Just an update: My beautiful Blue Jay has
SOLD!!! VERY EXCITING...On the first day
of the auction have already raised over $1000.00.
A number of really wonderful pieces still for sale,
so be sure to check it out! is proud to present a
Charity Reverse Auction for Japan. Rather
than asking each person to outbid the last
bidder, which is what happens in traditional
auctions, a reverse auction invites patrons to
purchase one-of-a-kind art right now.

The devastation that the people of Japan
have experienced as a result of the recent
earthquake and Tsunami is unimaginable.
In the face of such tragedy, the best of
humanity comes forth with efforts to find
unique ways to help. I am so honored and
proud to be a contributing artist in this effort
to raise awareness and aid. All proceeds will
be donated to the American Red Cross.

The artwork shown above is an original piece
that is very dear to me, as Blue Jays are one of
my favorite birds to paint. To purchase this
unique one of a kind mixed media composition,
please visit my Artist Auction Page.

Many thanks to Jenny Doh and her staff for
coordinating this endeavor.

And many many thanks to you for taking
time to visit the auction.

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