Monday, June 20, 2011

Returning as an Honored Guest

I am extremely honored this week to be a returning
guest curator for This website
is the brain child of artist extraordinaire, Jenny Doh.
She has thoughtfully created a place where artists,
like herself, can share our success stories and give
each other hope.

I invite you to read about my decision to take a brave
first step in this life long quest towards finding my
true self and discovering my unique artistic voice.
My sincere wish is that my story will inspired others
to not be afraid to seek out the person they were
meant to be.

Finally, be sure to stop by each day to visit the wonderful
art tutorial links I have to share, as I wonderful way to
stay inspired and make art.


Cori Lynn Berg said...

I love Crescendoh and can't wait to read your story!

Anonymous said...

I shall so enjoy this, Tracie, for I know your story will be fascinating. And whilst on the trail of life-journeys, may I invite you to look at my new blog (still in the process of creation: - if you like the idea, I'd like to feature you and your book at some point. You can email me at: Meanwhile all the very best, sorry I've been absent; pressure of work etc.