Monday, June 27, 2011


This past week was all about living each moment, basking
in the beauty of the Maine coast, and feeling very connected
to the earth, to life. The experience has left me feeling renewed
and energized, filled with such joy and bubbling over with creativity.
I just could not wait to share some of the inspiration I found during
my trip.

Each day was full of beach combing adventures, where I
gathered some of the most incredible treasures left behind
during low tide by the majestic waves. Other moments included
a carriage ride through Acadia National Park accompanied by
afternoon tea and pastries, as well as random moments of
collecting wildflowers to tuck into my flower press and
journaling my thoughts almost every sunrise at 4 am.

"This Life is fleeting, be in the here, the now, live each moment."


Jeannie said...

I have always wanted to visit Maine. Thanks for sharing a peek into your trip. Gorgeous photos.

Kathy said...

Mike and I went to Acadia a couple of years ago for our anniversary. It was a special time in a lovely place! What a change for you, looking at vast open water instead of open sky. I hope you enjoyed every moment!


P.S. I haven't been blogging much...and missed some recent posts. I'm glad you were able to take time away. I saw the weather news and thought of you (I used to always think of Dorothy but now I always think of Tracie when I see anything about Kansas!)

Janell said...

Love the pictures. Love the idea of time away with 4 am journaling! Thanks for sharing.

Jane LaFazio said...

ah. looks delightful!! thanks for sharing. sounds like you had a lovely, relaxing, renewing time.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Fabulous place....I think I need to take my next trip to this dream of a place. You capture it so well with your eye too. May I quote you on that ..."this life is fleeting"...I love the quote.

codiart said...

beautiful blog and I love Your quote. Best whishes from the netherlands