Thursday, June 30, 2011

Show and Tell

Remember kindergarten, and Show and Tell. So in
my previous post, I mentioned that I collected some
incredible treasures left behind on the rocky
shore. Here is a glimpse of my gatherings.

A humorous side story...the very first day I was beach
combing, I lost my balance trying to maneuver myself
toward the water's edge... luckily, I landed on a giant
pile of soft slimy seaweed. Although wet and muddy
over my entire backside, I was pretty grateful to have
such a nice squishy cushion to break the fall which
might otherwise have been on sharp rocks.

Up to the last day, I had only collected a small hand
full of precious sea glass. But during the last hours
of my beach combing, I discovered a very small island
revealed during low tide and located in a deep inlet
close to our cottage. This proved to be a sea glass
lover's paradise. I filled my entire sand pail with gem
after gem of colorful glass shards, as well as pottery.
Each piece smoothed of its rough edges and frosted.

These small shells shown in the images above are my
absolute favorite. The coast was litter with thousands
of them, but I was particularly drawn to the ones that
were almost entirely white or streaked with a plethora
of colors.

I was also very lucky to find some rather large shells
most of them buried in the sandy silt. A few were
as big as my hand and one was still intact with its
matching half.

My moments searching the beach were both therapeutic
and fruitful. It was relaxing to observe the sea with its
ever changing yet constant routine. And the thrill of
each new discover never grew old, as my heart leapt
with joy and gratitude.


SchulmanArt said...

great collection! The sea glass is so beautiful. Lovely blog, I'm following you here and on twitter.


Cynthia Schelzig said...

I love combing the beach too. You have some mighty fine finds at that.

Jeannie said...

My beach is on the opposite coast, but just as healing. For some reason being there refreshing my body and mind. I've wondered about this. Is it the sound of the tide, the wide open sky, the salt air, or all three? You did hit the mother lode of sea glass! It has been years since I have found any. Have a wonderful 4th!

Jill Zaheer said...

Such beautiful finds along the waters edge. I love shell picking with those gorgeous other finds of rocks and stones, sea glass and an occasional coin or great piece of rusted metal. Just found you through Seth's Pulse and your work is wonderful. Will look through more of your blog.

Jane LaFazio said...

wonderful stuff! and a sea glass treasure chest!