Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flea Market Inspirations

This past weekend was the beginning of
Flea Market Season. Each month from
September of the current year through
June of the following year, there is a
large flea market that happens, dealers
from all over Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska,
and Missouri come to sell their wares.

Attending is always an adventure and
somewhat of a treasure hunt for bits
and baubles I sometime never knew I
needed. This trip was all about finding
the perfect picture frames, smallish in
size, very weathered or a nice aged patina.

I came home with some gems that I can't
wait to fill with artworks for my home, like
this charming work, or perhaps to sell.

I love these purchases because of the
variation of sizes, shapes and colors.

This particular frame is a little bigger than
the others, but I completely swooned over
it the moment I saw the seller unwrapping
the piece. It has the most lush dark stain
with incredible acorn details. I can envision
in my mind's eye a running hare painted
against a starry sky background... so stay tuned!

1 comment:

ANKA said...

I want to see the hare against the starry sky background. If you go there, show and tell is definitely in order.