Friday, September 23, 2011

In The Studio...

Daily visits keep my gaze constantly,
constantly peering out the window,
always anticipating an arrival. Any
minute now, vigilant I am, watching,
waiting... never failing to take my
breath away, followed by a wide grin
and a sigh waiting for his return.


Jeannie said...

Your woodpecker is beautiful! I am awaiting ours and the flickers, too. Wishing you a sunny and color filled weekend.

HollyM said...

He is just so beautiful. I got one just once on a feeder near my window.
Your painting is lovely too!

Dianne said...

He's wonderful! I love those visits too! And those little picture frames are great... I love little ornate frames, they add such big drama for such little things! Most of my little ones are filled with birds!

bockel24 said...

He´s sooooo lovely - as is your painting of him!

Seth said...

That is one beautiful bird but I actually drawn more to your painting.