Monday, February 27, 2012

Tutorial: Colorful Nesting

With Spring on the horizon, it is a good time
to prepare nesting materials for garden and
woodland birds to use. Here is a tutorial
for infusing a bit of color into a little bird's

1. Start by gathering several colorful skeins
of yarn.

2. Next cut a sturdy piece of cardboard
approximately, 6" length X 4" width.

*It is very important that nesting
materials be no longer than 6" to keep
little birds from becoming tangled.

3. Wrap strands of yarn around the

4. Cut the wrapped yarn from the cardboard,
making sure to clip both edges, so that no
strand is longer than the maximum length.

5. Gather the prepared nesting materials
in a large plastic bag. I like to cut a enough
yarn to fill a 1 gallon bag.

6. Hang a basket outside with the nesting
materials tucked inside.

Then watch for bits of bright color to
appear among the tree branches during
the Spring and Summer. The brighter
the colors the easier the yarn is to


Jeannie said...

They also like the drawstring that comes on birdseed bags and cat food bags. I have added a few bits of cotton batting to my bag. Our squirrels like the jute that I use to string up sweet peas, so I have had to change it up and use fishline. ;)

Yvonne said...

Wonderful! I put out bits of yarn and such things all the time and think it is always better than seeing bits of plastic in their nest. Lovely post.

HollyM said...

It just so happens I was just gifted a box of assorted yarns. What a great idea!

DD Wilson said...

The best part is when/if the nests blow down and you find them, you really see art at work.

Sherry W. said...

Wonderful idea! My Mom always used to put out dryer lint for the birds, too.....and they'd use it!...

Sherry W. said...

Wonderful idea! My Mom always used to put out dryer lint for the birds. They used it, too!

Jane LaFazio said...

oh my goodness? who would have thought of this, but you. love it. Birds spreading beauty...

Mystic Blue said...

What a lovely idea. I just love your blog and your beautiful artwork.