Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Journaling The Garden Week 9

In sharp contrast, the days are now
giving way to warmer temperatures
and radiant sunshine.

But, today is all about finishing an
ode to Winter with a particular
scene I spied during one of the
only small handful of snowy days
upon the Plains... a tiny Titmouse
weathering the storm nestled
among branches heavily laden
with berries.

Capturing this snippet of time,
is what I love so much about
journaling... immortalizing
single moments into a cherished
collection to be remembered for
years to come.


Janet Ghio said...

How darling this page is! The titmouse is one of my favorite birds!

HollyM said...

This is beautiful! I wish we had those little birds here; they are sweet. Do you mind if I ask if you used tube acrylics or craft acrylics. (I have your book by the way)
Besides the little titmouse, I love the way you did the dry brushed background and the addition of the berries on the tree.

*jean* said...


Jane LaFazio said...

so lovely. I ADORE red berries, and they make this page even more beautiful.