Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles: A Beginning

My Friend, Jane LaFazio was inspired to organize this
Exciting! New! Event, The Kindness Chronicles.

She was inspired by my another friend, Lyric Kinard's
series of blog posts in December, with the theme of
"Making the World a better place through the joy of
service and finding beauty in kindness."

So on the first Sunday of every month, Jane is sharing
a post about simple random acts of kindness. She plans
to write about what she has done, not in a bragging way,
but to hopefully inspire you, dear reader, to do similar
types of things. She is hoping that by just being conscious
of those small acts, they will encourage others to do more.
Perhaps, smile at strangers. Give compliments more freely.
Let someone ahead of you in line. Buy coffee for someone
you don't know. Give a handout, a blanket, a sandwich to
a homeless person. Give someone a flower. Offer a discount.

Today is Jane's first Kindness Chronicle post and she will
continue sharing her stories every first Sunday of the month.
But Jane does not want to be the only one having all the fun...
she is asking us to join her!

If you have a blog and want to participate, email Jane with
your name and blog address and she will send you a
Kindness Chronicle Logo to post on your site.


For my first Kindness Chronicle post, I thought I
would share detail about a recent donation. This
week, I mailed 15 new Spiral-bound Strathmore
Watercolor Journals to the Mundo Lindo
Children's Art Program

I had purchased these on clearance almost 10 years
ago, while I was still in art school. They were such a
good price I could not resist, and was for sure I would
eventually use them. But after working in one, I quickly
decided this was not the right format for me. Since then,
they have been sitting on a shelf, and I have waffled over
the years whether to try again to use them or donate them.

Jane's new initiative was just the push I needed to take
those unused journals and send them off where they
would be of great use.


Jane LaFazio said...

and a wonderful, appreciated kindess indeed! thanks so much, Tracie, the kids will be thrilled with the sketchbooks! I promise to send you photos.

Joanne said...

what a wonderful gesture --

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Generosity and kindness towards others....yes, we should all aspire to be that!!! God bless you!

lyric said...

I love it Traci - those sketchbooks will go to such a good place!