Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles: Bestowed Upon

This month I am very honored to share a kindness that was bestowed upon me by a true kindred spirit, Toni Kelly.

I have admired Toni's breathtaking watercolor, collage, and calligraphy art for a long time. And although we have yet to meet in person, Toni and I have had the pleasure of conversing back and forth via the web... talking nature, art, and sharing professional advice.

I was not only lucky enough to purchase a recent work, because her art sells so quickly, but Toni also gifted me an incredible! painting of a Blue Jay, one of most favorite birds. Once framed, this beautiful Jay will have a permanent home on my bedside table.

I feel very blessed to have Toni in my life and to call her friend!  Be sure to visit Toni's website to find out more about her art and life.

If you have a blog and want to participate in the Kindness Chronicles, email Jane LaFazio with your name and blog address and she will send you a logo to post on your site. Let's Encourage More Kindness!


Toni said...

Thank you Tracie!! You are so kind and I also am so glad we met via blogging. I love your work and refer to your book often. Many hugs((()))

Judith said...

Beautiful! Your are a sweetheart. I like how your bring out the colors. I am still new to bringing a pencil to the paper and go from there. Stick people is what I doodle. It brings the art in me. Sweetness! Thanks for sharing and we do need more kindness around. Judith, Texas