Monday, November 19, 2012

Tidings of Thanksgiving

Swift the passing days, each moment capturing a glimpse of the retreating Autumn.  Where has the time gone? Hours carried away, scattered by the unending Prairie winds.  And here we stand, on the cusp of another holiday.  

Very little will get done in the studio this week, as we are expecting company, which brings hearth and home to the forefront in preparation.  I don't mind... I don't mind a bit!  

This year Thanksgiving will be very different than Thanksgiving's past. It will be a quieter celebration, fewer souls to gather 'round... a result of an ever-changing family dynamic.  But this is life, and the constant challenge for each of us is the ability to embrace change.  

Today, I am grateful for a well-spring of wonderful holiday memories, and I eagerly anticipate a future of new moments shared with the ones I love.

*Just a few updates from the studio.... 
 - It has been a whirlwind of excitement, carefully packing and shipping all of my new 2013 Nature Inspired Birds Calendars.  I genuinely appreciate all who have supported me and my art!  There are only 14 Daily Planners left, and profits from remaining calendar sales will be donated to a Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. I hope you will join me in helping those effected by this terrible storm.

*To purchase select the following link - Buy Calendars
(Once paid, your package will ship within the following 10 days via USPS Priority Mail)

- When you make a calendar purchase your name will automatically be entered in the drawing to WIN an Original Artwork!  The last day to enter this drawing will be Friday, November 30th.  A winner will be announced on Saturday, December 1st. 

- Finally, The Red Door Studio On-line Shops will close on Saturday, December 1st.  Please plan to make all purchase by Friday, November 30th.  The shops will  reopen in February with new and favorite treasures to buy!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We will be traveling to Texas (daughter and family) this year and are thankful for lovely weather. It's usually snowy!


Jeannie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I love the painting on today's post. Have I ever not loved one of your painting? LOL! We are staying home and I might remember to pull the turkey from the freezer to cook it. Wishing you a beautiful week.