Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Holiday Tutorial: In Black And White!

Through the month of December, I am completely devoting this blog to tutorial posts. Some will be new ideas and others are favorites I have shared previously.  The Christmas holiday is a wonderful time for being creative.  My hope is that these projects will inspire some seasonal festive fun!

I absolutely LOVE this project!  This a great way to decorate packages by creating custom gift tags...

Start with a quart of Valspar Chalkboard Paint.
*Valspar paint can be found at Lowe's Hardware

Next gather several plain Shipping Tags that can be purchased from an Office Supply Store.

Remove the string from the Shipping Tag and gently peel off the top layer of the hole protector.

Using a Sponge Brush coat the Shipping Tag with two layers of Chalkboard Paint.
*The shipping tag curls when painted but flattens out after the paint has dried

After the Shipping Tag is thoroughly dry, apply a thick third coat of Chalkboard Paint.

Once the final coat is completely dry, re-tie the string onto the Shipping Tag and glue the peeled layer from the hole protector back in place. Now, the Chalkboard Tag is ready to use and reuse!


Carina said...

Fabulous idea... Chalkboard paint will be on my shopping list next trip to Lowe's.

Helen Campbell said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Carina said...

A trip to Lowe's is imminent (wallpaper paste for paper mache) and for days I have been saying to myself "I was supposed to get something else while I was there" and the what eluded me. Now it is recalled and the trip can be included in the next run of errands. Ah, the joys of middle age brain.

Judy said...

Really simple approach, but so effective, thanks for the tutorial.