Monday, April 30, 2012

Tutorial: A Stenciled & Stitched Special Occasion Greeting Card

SO EXCITED, as tomorrow is May 1st!  My Art Spark Friends and I are kicking off a week long May Day Celebration with a Tutorial Blog Hop.  I am the first of seven participating in this event.

Today, I am sharing how to create a unique "Stenciled & Stitched Special Occasion Greeting Card"... PERFECT for friends or family!

 1. Start by purchasing a package of Blank Die-Cut Greeting Cards.  These can be found at a Hobby Craft Store in various Die-Cut Shapes.  I am using a Tri-Fold, Square Die-Cut card in this example.

2. Cut a piece of bleached muslin fabric 1/2" larger on all sides than the smallest card window.  Using a pencil, trace the size of the window onto the fabric.

 3. Position a chosen stencil design inside the traced box on fabric.  Apply acrylic paint with a stencil brush to the open areas of the design.  In order to achieve a crisp image remember to remove excess paint from the stencil brush before each application.

In this example, I am using one of My NEW! Bird Stencils by StencilGirlProducts.

 4. Once the stenciled design is dry, paint the background.

In this example, I am using a wash of Tsukineko Walnut Crystals.

 5. Once the background is dry, add handstitched details with bright colored thread to the stenciled painting. Before stitching, use a pencil to draw out your desired shapes or message.

 6. When finished with the handstitching, sew the right, left, and bottom sides of  the artwork to the tri-fold card.  Be sure that the art can be seen through the die-cut shape of the card.

 7. Insert a little batting or a piece of felt between the artwork and the card to make the piece dimensional.

 8. Finally, sew around all sides of the artwork and card.


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HollyM said...

Very sweet. I love it! Thanks!

Pilgrim said...

Love it, I am just learning to sew and want to know, what needle do you use on your maching to sew on both the cloth and the paper together? Do you use the standard needle that comes with the machine? Thanks

Jane LaFazio said...

wonderful. great use of your stencil too!

Anonymous said...

Love these hand made cards. Mother's Day coming up too. Lovely.

Ellen Anne Eddy said...

Nice job!

Leslie said...

Great idea Tracie! Thanks!

sherry peterson said...

What a lovely and quick technique. I look forward to trying it.

Judith said...

Love your idea for a gift. I am going to make one for my mom and (3) sis. I also just started using the Tuskineko Inks. I like the idea of the outline in pencil too. Thank you for sharing....Judith, Texas

Helen Campbell said...

What a fun technique! I love your stencil, by the way! Thanks for sharing!

suzanengler said...

Great tutorial! Wouldn't it be wonderful to create and give cards like this? Thanks so much for sharing, I must get busy!

teri said...

Love this. I've never used walnut crystals but want to give them a try.

~*~Patty S said...

Very inspiring...thank you for sharing your great tutorial!

Bev said...

This is lovely Tracie thanks so much

hugz bev

aanchalsharma said...

Awesome, I like you ultimate post for the topic of A Stenciled & Stitched Special Occasion Greeting Card, superrrrrrrr.