Wednesday, May 07, 2008

a quiet, rainy day

Storms are nothing new here in Kansas. But today, the sky is thick with big gray clouds, and the rain is steady, yet gentle.

It is the perfect weather for brewing a hot cup of tea, and spending a quiet day catching up on a looming to-do list.

I returned home yesterday from another INCREDIBLE teaching experience. I feel like the luckiest instructor having such beautiful, soulful, and creative individuals in class. There are lovely images and details to share from my Art & Soul, Virginia visit. Hopefully, I will have it all organized within the next several days, so I can make a proper post.

The air at vendor night was charged with electricity, such yummy treasures to feast your eyes on and purchase. It was a wonderful evening!

And Many, MANY THANKS to the overwhelming number of individuals that visited my table and shared their stories of how my art and poetry have touched them, as well as others in their lives. I was deeply moved by such kind and endearing compliments.

I am happy to report that I sold out of many items, so there will only be a few new pieces in my little shop tomorrow. I invite you to come take a peek.


kecia said...

hello! i too really enjoyed meeting you and it was so sweet of you to visit my blog and tell me your thoughts! i just loved all your goodies and glad i went home with my special pieces! keep in touch!

susanna said...

Tracie Lyn, your artwork is beeeaaauuutiful! I'm glad that you enjoyed teaching at Art & Soul. I imagine that must have been a very inspiring time for you and for your students. So many creative souls in one place - art heaven! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures there.

Maija said...

Welcome home sweet girl!

Shari said...

I can't wait to hear everything! I'm so happy your vending was such a success, Tracie!! Hugs, Shari

Leslie said...

Oh, I loved my journal and you and Marilyn are just the SWEETEST! Thanks for a wonderful class and experience!


anne said...

hey how do you put those cute borders around your pix in your blog?