Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Return

If you leave a place, even for a day, how much of it changes... and how much remains just as it was.

And, are those changes ones that will be noticed or merely dismissed, leaving one to ponder, if perhaps, what is remembered was simply imagined, or dreamed.

The prairie grasses were a deep warm russet, making the Plains burn with the glow of Autumn, when I set out beyond the boundaries of comfort and routine into the world at large.

Everywhere I looked, the landscapes seemed incredibly alive, ablaze with vivid Fall colors as I began my travels, and I wondered if all of this splendor would be gone, relinquishing itself to the heathery gray hues of winter before I would come back.

I returned home yesterday from 13 days on the road teaching hither and yon. The experience was awe-inspiring!

I can not travel without completely succumbing to the divine influence of those I meet and the art I see. It always makes me want to rush home and create, create, create... even though I feel a bit weary.

The fatigue, strange beds, bad eating habits, multiple time zones, and airline hassles are all quickly diminished by the energies of time and place that surround me. It is always, always the people and their creative spirit that prove to be well worth every ounce of hardship.

So much to share... so much to tell you all, but it must wait until pictures have been downloaded and sorted, urgent emails read and answered. Soon though... soon.

The Plains did not greet me with the same brilliance along the pathway towards home... never the less, I was returning to Kansas with a richness, and feeling very much alive inside with the burning glow of memories, ablaze with the consciousness of events that have woven themselves like threads into my days that make up this one, wonderful life!

I am glad to have been there and glad to return.


Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

So glad you are home safe and sound. I had such a great time in your class AFF! Twas amazing! HUGS!

Waterrose said...

What beautiful colors in that picture. After I travel it takes me a few days to digest everything that I experience.

Deborah Boschert said...

I was so thrilled to meet you! I'm looking forward to our paths crossing again.

Lee W. said...

Glad you're home safely, T he leaves seemd to all drop at the same time- I am burr=ied under oak leaves, acrons, and hickory nuts (it's been a banner crop this year). The deer come nightly to scoop up the acorns- just fine with me! The trees acorss the street are a brilliant yellow- so cheery! It's weirdly warm here- like 60- too warm for November!

susanna said...

That is a GORGEOUS landscape. It is exactly how I imagine Kansas to look like. It must feel so freeing to stand in a field like that. And imagine the sound of the wild grass or wheat...

Leslie said...

Oh, you put everything so WELL. I'm glad you're home safely and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures when you get settled.