Monday, April 13, 2009

Discoveries, Surprises & Celebrations!

It's a special week for me, as I will be
celebrating my birthday.

I'm looking forward to spending my days
seeing friends, enjoying their company,
sharing laughs and good food, hearing
from other long distance friends and
family, commemorating the occasion
with a few surprises tucked into the
moments... here and there.

I have asked my sweet husband to take
me on a sort-of progressive dinner
Thursday night, which is my actual day
of birth. We plan to dine at one of my
favorite restaurants, topping the meal
off by having a decadent dessert some
place different.

And what a FUN way to start this birthday
celebration week, by seeing a sneak
peak of my art
for an upcoming article
in this incredible magazine.With the
added bonus of finding a few unique
little treasures today in my favorite
antique store, like the most intricate
small needlework landscape I have
ever seen and a beautifully illustrated
flower book...
with a handwritten message to the original
recipient on the inside cover, making this
petite manuscript even more endearing.


Lorna said...

My birthday is Thursday too! I'm going to a Tapas restaurant the night before, having the Chef's menu, so also sort of progressive. (as in don't know what is coming next) Enjoy your birthday week!

makehasteslowly said...

Happy Birthday! Progressive dinner sounds like fun. We'll do one when you are in Orvieto! Ciao! Bill

Toni said...

Birthdays are fun! So have a Happy fun filled week. Happy birthday to you.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Lorna... THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit my humble blog.

Unfortunately, blogger does not always give me the email address of some one leaving a comment, so I apologize that I had to respond to your sweet message in this fashion.

I think it is VERY COOL that we share the same birthday... and what a GREAT DAY it is! I will be thinking of you on the 16th!

Have a GREAT meal at the Tapas restaurant.. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


paperbird said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

I adore this magazine and look forward to seeing your inspiring work.

Mary said...

Happy belated birthday!! I hadn't been by here in a week or so. I'll have to check out all the new posts...Cheers!

hiddenart said...

Have a wonderful birthday celebration! I just may have to wander to my favorite little restaurant and have a slice of cake in your honor. :)

Tina Cully said...

Have a great bithday tomorrow my friend!! Wish I could be there to wish you in person!!

Tina Cully said...
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Paula said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl !

My special say is Saturday. A good week to be born.

T ~ cant' tell you how much I admire those birds of yours and oh how much I would LOVE to paint such beautiful hurts !!!!

Again, sweetie, Happy Birthday.

Mary lin Huskamp said...

Enjoy the dinner and dessert!


Janee said...

Have a wonderful birthday Tracie. Thank you for your continual inspiration!

Maija said...

Happy Birthday darling Tracie!!!