Thursday, April 09, 2009

At The Heart of the Matter

This beautiful artwork by artist, Bridget Benton,
is just 1 of 27 INCREDIBLE pieces that were
created during my two ArtFest workshops,
Of Nested Visions and The Art Of Nature.

Bridget's work seems to perfectly capture the
essence of this blissful experience for me. An
experience that cuts to the heart of all things

Even after five days at home, I continue to wear
a wide grin across my face, remembering each
and every precious moment, basking in the warm
glow of this soul-a-fire, feeling once again...
energized and renewed and overflowing with
creative passion!

What a marvelous antidote for the Winter Blues,
Economy Blues... whatever Blues. I can hardly
wait to participate in the other retreats I am
planning to attend this year. It is DEFINITELY
a sure way to fend off any negative energy.

I invite you to check out the other AWE-INSPIRING
assemblages and paintings from these two classes.


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

cool! Teachng a class muct be so rewarding!

sue pieper said...

You're makming me really anxious for class this summer!

Anonymous said...

Psst, Tracie. "Horsehair," [wink and sly nod.]

It was fun seeing the pictures from our class. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks again for being such excellent teachers.

I looked at my North Light bird photo reference book, but didn't find any of the same birds in mine that we used in class--except a chickadee photo. Mine is several years old, so maybe you have a newer version? Sigh. Now I have to hunt around for some other references. I look forward to seeing you at ArtUnraveled and maybe taking a class with you there.

Sue Burton