Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Alchemist's Life

Creating collage art and working with all sorts
of mixed media objects has allowed me to
nurture another love of mine, which is collecting.

Of course in pursuit of my artistic endeavors,
over the years, I have rummaged and scoured
through many a flea market, and antique store,
dollar bin and sales rack hoping to uncover
those unique treasures that make my heart

Items, I envision, to be part of an artwork
that might be exhibited or perhaps lucky
enough to be published. At the very least,
a piece to be displayed and cherished.

Making something from all these random
bits, seems a bit magical, leaving me to
wondering if I, the artist, am some sort
of cross between mad-scientist, and alchemist.
My studio is my laboratory, of sorts, as I
keep all of my important what-not collections
prominently displayed, and within arms length,
ready for me to include in my work should
my creation require it.

How do you display your treasures?


hiddenart said...

I love old jewelry boxes, and vintage clothing boxes, but I also really like how you can see what you've got through the glass. Reminds me of the old candy store.

Seth said...

Studio as laboratory -- cool concept.

Artiste Nouveau said...

I display mine exactly the same way in some of the exact same apothecary jars! haha :D My favorite is my terrarium jar that I use for all my left over ribbon. I also use Mason Jars for all my (MANY) paint brushes.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

WOW!! I love it- I love to amass things I might like to work with too, although some I've ended up selling...LOL. I have a bunch of canning jars saved to use for display, and I use all sorts of glass hars to store ribbons and buttons. SIGH. I wish I could see your studio- someday!!

Jasmine Mirra Turcotte said...

Your display is very inspiring! I also like to have everything not far from hand and easy to grab... but my display isn't as fancy as yours (and I wish it was!).

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

I love all the apothecary jars. I display some of my treasures in old jars with glass lids and metal closures and an old tom's jar with a glass lid. Renea

Ruth Rae said...

I have stuff in jars like you but your studio is much more girly then mine is! and my jars are just big old food storage ones in all different sizes. I have a dream to one day have a more inspiration studio like yours...

LOL you will be able to see my WORKING studio in the next where women create.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Hi Jasmine,

I apologize for responding to your lovely blog comment this way. Unfortunately, blogger does not always provide the email address of those individuals that leave messages.

Thank you so very much for visiting. I hope you will stop by again soon.

Tracie Lyn