Friday, January 20, 2012

Join Us in... Italy, Fall 2012!

In September 2010, my mother-in-law, Marylin and I
had the privilege of teaching in Orvieto, Italy at an event
organized by Adventures in Italy (hosts-Bill & Kristin Steiner).

After arriving in Rome, we road the train to a small city
located high upon a plateau that completely captivated
our hearts. As it appeared on the horizon, we were
instantly awe-inspired by its beauty. Orvieto transported
us back thousands of years. Every street, every building
was a tribute to an ancient past, and a people that loved
their heritage. Not only did Bill and Kristin greet us with
the open arms of friendship, but also every person we
met along our journey did the same. Smiles accompanied
Italian greetings sprinkled with broken English, as natives
aided us in experiencing their town.

Passing through the enormous gates of Instituto San Lodovico
convent, our home away from home, invoked a peace beyond
measure. It was as if we were entering heaven, and this feeling
of tranquility continued throughout our stay. Each day, we
spent mornings in a light-filled studio creating, and afternoons
touring the city streets, as well as the surrounding lands. Our
hosts planned activities every day that included cooking with
a famous chef, visiting a vineyard, shopping at the open
market, seeing the magnificent cathedral, picnicking, and of
course, eating the fabulous cuisine.

We are so honored to be invited to teach again in Orvieto in
mid-September 2012. Going to Italy was a dream we never
thought possible. Now to think of returning is beyond exciting,
and we would love to have you join us!

We are taking only a very, very small group, so as to create an
intimate atmosphere that is both personal, and rewarding. And
we truly want to make sure each and every person gets as much
personal assistance and attention through every step.

So Make plans now to ensure you will be part of this incredible
adventure. We already have several students signed-up, so don't wait!

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kristi said...

Ciao Bella!
I don't know of a more nurturing week than to be in Italy, sketching and painting with you and Marylin. The care and love you shower your students with is something to behold. And Orvieto can't wait to welcome you back! We are so lucky to be able to look forward to the fall in Italy with YOU!
Kristi - Adventures In Italy