Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Journaling The Garden Week 3

It is a bone chilling cold today, much colder than
previous days, with bouts of snow flurries rushing
past the window. Such tiny flakes that are almost to
small to even notice.

I am excited to share my nearly completed, first page
spread in the Garden Journal. All that remains is to
gather my thoughts on paper to add to this remembrance.

The now daily visits from several Blue Jays was a
perfect subject choice for the snowy background

These winged lovelies are painted on muslin fabric
with acrylic paints. Here is a tutorial link so you to
can create your own painted subjects.

Once the paintings were dry, I browsed through
my collection of vintage letters and documents
to find some appropriate collage materials.

Both the paper and painted elements were
attached to the page using my favorite glue
Golden's Heavy Gel Matte Medium, which dries
completely clear.


bockel24 said...

such a beauty - love the reduced colour range!

Jane LaFazio said...

LOVE this!!

Jeannie said...

Tracie, the blue jay is so beautiful. I hope to be able to paint like you one day. Thanks for always being an inspiration. xo

Rachel said...

Fabulous as usual. A feast for the eyes.

Sherry W. said...

Always love your work...It's like looking out my own window!...Thanks for your creative sharing.....:^)..Sherry Winchester