Monday, March 05, 2012

Springtime Inspiration!

"O! Thou bright and beautiful day,
First bright day of Spring,
Bringing the slumbering life into play,
Giving the leaping bird his wing!

I see thy forms o'er the parting earth,
In the tender shoots of the grassy blade,
In the thousand plants that spring to birth,
On the valley's side in the home of shade.

There are life and joy in thy coming Spring!
Thou hast no tidings of gloom and death:
But buds thou shakest from every wing,
And sweets thou breathest with every breath."

-William Gilmore Simms


Anna Schüler said...

thank you for the wonderful words and pictures!

HollyM said...

Beautiful images! I just reread your book and was completely enthralled all over again.

Jeannie said...

Beautiful words and art.

Jane LaFazio said...

what yummy, gorgeous images! beautiful.