Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Tall Tale...

During most of July and now August, I have found myself, with great anticipation, gazing out the kitchen window at least a dozen times a day into the backyard.  As a cathartic way to help lighten a heavy heart, I have been outside this summer more than normal, tending to my small garden even more carefully than ever.

In mid-May as I was busy formulating a botanical plan by pulling out flower and vegetable catalogs, garden books, etc., I uncovered several seed packets, which instantly reminded me of my obsession from the previous year to grow big beautiful sunflowers.

Quite the impact such a longing can make, as it even provided me with artistic inspiration, as seen from the artwork above, painted last year, and now featured in my new 2014 calendar. Also at that time, I ordered sunflower seeds of several varieties, but received them too late in the season to plant because they had to be in the ground no later than June 1st. However, this year I was just in time! 

So over the Memorial Day weekend, I dug a small trench in the backyard and poured a hearty handful of seeds in the dirt.  Since I usually select already established plants, it has been exciting to watch my sunflowers from small seedling sprouts.  Although I am not sure I chose the best location in the yard, being on the east side of the house with sun only to mid-day, they have continued to steadily shoot upward. My Mammoth variety are suppose to reach around 10' to 12' and are currently 6'. But the lack of height has not dampened my spirits. Despite their dwarf stature, I finally see the beginning leaves of the blossom, and I still have high hopes for big beautiful blooms by fall!
Purchased from Burpee

comparing heights - top of my head and the sunflowers


Anna said...

The colors in your painting are downright inspiring! I just love the pops of blue and purple for the visual surprise! Makes me very happy. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to get out and prepare the garden for our fall plot. I'm not much of a gardener but I've thought fall might be easier- not as hot or buggy! ( we can grow carrots, lettuce and other cool weather crops if planted in August)

Katherine Dunn said...

Well your Mammoths are farther along than mine...because...Goose ate the first round seedlings, then the second didn't take, and now, they are only waist high. Aren't they wonderful? Enjoy them as they arrive!

HollyM said...

I so love them too and never seem to find a spot for them. I too love the colors in your painting. Such an a effective use of shading!