Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Join Me for My NEW On-Line Class!!!

Birds & Butterflies: Painting & Collage

Birds & ButterfliesCollage + Painting
Instructor: Tracie Lyn Huskamp
2-Week Class • 6 Lessons
Class Dates: May 15-25, 2018 
Price: $85.00   
Birds and Butterflies inspire our imagination and capture our hearts!
In this fun, nature-inspired class we will begin by gathering photos of birds and butterflies. Next we’ll make acrylic paintings on fabric with a step-by-step technique that makes realism surprisingly simple.
From there we will embellish our realistic butterflies and birds with stenciling, bits of old lace, stitching, buttons, pearls, sequins, beads, or vintage rhinestone jewelry, and then put it all together with found collage ephemera to make intimate, personal, and fun pieces of art. Once we start assembling our collages, the sky’s the limit for the different things you can do.
For a list of supplies needed, click HERE.
Class Itinerary:
Week 1
Lesson 1: Collect & PrepTo begin, you will need to collect suitable images of two large birds (such as a Blue Jay or Robin), two small birds (such as a Chickadee or Goldfinch or Sparrow), and two butterflies by using your own camera (and/or browsing royalty free image websites); we will alter the images slightly and print them out. Next you will gather your collage ephemera: diverse fragments, approximately 30 different pieces of varying shapes and sizes, to be used to compose finished collage artworks.
Lesson 2: Outlining & SimplifyingYou will begin three paintings today. Using a mechanical pencil, carefully sketch the contour and interior details on the muslin fabric for one large bird, one small bird and one butterfly. (Tracie will demonstrate a quick tracing technique as well.) Once you have your drawing, simplify the subjects into 3-5 large color areas and paint each area with the appropriate color using the dry brush method.
Lesson 3: All In The DetailsIt is time to paint the details of the subjects. Although it might seem difficult, painting is a matter of training the eye to see the range of colors, noting the subtle shifts from one color to the next, and then translating that information to your simplified paintings. You will be using the dry brush method when you want a particular area to be opaque and the transparency/wash method when you want to see multiple layers of paint.
Week 2
Lesson 4: Addition & SubtractionAdd embellishments to your birds and butterfly: stenciling, bits of old lace, stitching, buttons, pearls, sequins, beads, vintage rhinestone jewelry, etc. Then cut the painted subjects out from their original fabric canvases in order to use in your collages.
Lesson 5: Large Scene CollageGather your favorite paper, photographs, and/or fabric fragments. Create a composition using your large bird as the focal point. Consider your use of color, texture and balance. Continue adding, subtracting and moving elements around until the piece is complete. Secure with matte medium.
Lesson 6: Small Scene CollagesDesign two small-scene collages using your smaller bird and butterfly subjects. “Anchor” your bird to one of your collage elements and add a delicate shadow beneath its feet or body.
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Price: $85.00 
Tracie Lyn Huskamp holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Wichita State University. After graduation, she worked as a Product Designer/Illustrator creating mass-market products. A number of her designs sold in Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s, and Walgreens. In 2007, she left her corporate position to focus full-time on her own art. In 2009 her book, Nature Inspired, was published by Quarry Books. Her work has appeared on the cover of Somerset Studio Magazine and in Somerset Memories, Artful Blogger, Quilting Arts Gifts, and Life Images. Tracie licenses her artworks to manufacturers of fabric, calendars, stencils, scrapbooking, stationery, home goods, and bath. She shows in various galleries and recently participated in an invitation-only exhibit hosted by her hometown, the City of Wichita, Kansas. See more of Tracie’s work at
Here’s how this online class works:
• During the two weeks of class, you will receive an email each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with a reminder to visit the class blog for that day’s lesson.
• A password-protected blog dedicated to each class will serve as our clubhouse and where you will find all the class materials as they are uploaded.
• A Facebook group will be created for you to (optionally) share your paintings, and enjoy and learn from the artwork of others. (However, if you are shy about posting your art, Tracie is always available to look at your work via email.)
• The class materials will be up and available for download indefinitely, if for some reason you need to miss a day (or a couple of weeks).
• Upon registration, you will receive an email within 48 hours confirming your sign-up. On the Friday before your session begins, you will receive an email with your class codes.
• Class fee is good for participants living in a single household.
FAQs – If you’ve never taken an online class before and would like to know more about our online classes, click HERE.
Thank you for your interest!

Monday, March 20, 2017


To welcome the first day of Spring, I wanted to share a favorite Tutorial for creating very unique and beautiful greetings to give.

1. White wash the postcard using a paint brush
and several coats of white acrylic paint

2. Place muslin fabric over a copy paper butterfly
image. Using a mechanical pencil trace the butterfly
outline and any large details onto the fabric.

3. Paint the butterfly outline on fabric using
a #3 round paintbrush and the appropriate
colors of acrylic paint.

4. One the painted fabric is dry, cut the
butterfly out using small embroidery scissors

5. Layer a silk fabric square on the vintage
postcard, along with lace, a rice paper heart,
and the painted butterfly on top.

6. Sew the silk fabric, lace, rice paper heart
and butterfly to the postcard

7. Add your Springtime greeting to the remaining
white-washed area of the postcard.

Monday, February 06, 2017

A Little Valentine Day Love Note

Just a little Valentine Day Love Note from me to you.... I'm re-sharing a favorite tutorial for making unique custom message pillows!

1. Cut one piece of fabric approximately 8" x 6".
Paint one side with Valspar Chalkboard Paint (found at Lowe's Hardware)

2. When the paint is dry, fold a 0.5" edge on all sides
and stitch in place to keep the fabric from unraveling.
Also. trim the corners at a diagonal to keep excess
fabric from showing. Be careful not to cut any stitches.

3. Cut two larger pieces of fabric approximately 14" x 10".

4. Stitch the painted chalkboard fabric (black side
up) to the right side of one of the larger fabric pieces.
Position the painted fabric vertically 2.5" from the
bottom and centered horizontally on the larger fabric.

5. Place the two right sides of the larger fabric pieces
together and stitch. Remember to leave an opening to
turn the fabric and for stuffing the pillow with batting.
Once the pillow is stuffed, sew the opening shut.

6. Write your message on the pocket with
chalk and clean with water.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


My first entry of the year with already one month gone.  This February day is cold but not bitterly so.  I sit at a tiny table on the patio, writing in a composition notebook and basking in the intermittent rays of sun while strong northerly gusts sting my face.  Winter is considered bleak, but I have not seen the bleakness often described.   Instead, I find myself relishing the serenity of my surroundings.  The last months of the year pass by in such a blur, but January gives the soul a chance to simply be, lulled by a gentle repose of nature.   Nature sleeps and I gather a renewed strength from the quiet reflection and meditation of Winter's world.  And I paint on...

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Magic of Christmas...

is in the anticipation - searching for that perfect gift for someone, the exciting unknown of wrapped presents under the tree,  preparations made for spending time with those you love, and wondering if that chill in the air will bring snow. I venture through December's days trying to savor even the smallest moments and wishing time would somehow slow down just a little.

Today the cold bare landscape seems at its most peaceful to welcome the winter solstice. During these final weeks of 2015, may your days be filled with joy and the beauty of the season surround you...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Very Belated

It has been quite some time, in fact, many months since I visited this place. To be honest, I have started several posts, only to abandon them almost as soon as I began to write.

The last half of 2014 was busy, and I busied myself preparing for trips and teaching, so it was easy to sort-of ignore this blog space. After returning home, there were the holidays to occupy me.  As days passed, I began to wonder how I would ever explain my absence...

Last summer, as I continued struggling with grief from my mother's unexpected passing, I started mulling over an idea. Perhaps, I needed a sabbatical. I shared my thoughts with my husband in September.  Thankfully, he was supportive and thought it was good for me to take a breather.

As 2015 approached, I became more and more excited about a whole year to just paint, rest, and reflect. However in the beginning I felt drained, all I could think about was wrapping the repose of winter around a weary self. I spent time inside a warm home cooking comfort foods, catching up on reading, and doing housework to occupy my days. Then a cloud of guilt and fear settled in. I was not sure if I wanted to share with anyone that I was on sabbatical, worried I might not be missed.  I also felt bad having abandoned my business, which was something I had worked so hard to build. I found it difficult to unwind and just let go, which next brought an unwelcome state of creative paralysis with occasional tears.  All these years, I had been so driven by my next to-do that when there wasn't any must-do, I literally did not know what to do!

Luckily, I have time...   Time to just BE!  Only now am I starting to experience a return of my creative self.

As for the remainder of the year, I will continue to operate at a slower pace, intentionally allowing space for personal time and creative endeavors with moments to ponder thoughts on how I want to approach the future.  I will check-in from time to time, as I have art or news to share. Thank you, one and all, for your support and may I also wish you a very belated Happy New Year.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Tender Moments

Longing to sharing a few tender moments, I sat perched on a stool in the laundry room, my gaze transfixed by the unfolding of moments out a small window.  I have carefully listened every morning for the sound of their voices, and have waited until just now to create a memory of their visit.  

Watching them, I knew it would be soon.  And so it was.... they took their leave, today.